Meet Centralniy Kin Tue-Fee

Author, Seminar Leader and Motivational Speaker

in Leadership and Management Development


Kin Tue-Fee was born in the beautiful tropical island of Mauritius. He now lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and three children. Kin’s interest in the field of personal and professional management and development goes back about thirty years. In the pursuit of his self-enhancement, he has attended numerous conferences, seminars and workshops on management and leadership topics. In 1997, he published his first book:

http://austincardealerships.com/author/admin/1-800-567-0123 Become your best – Principles of personal management and development
In 2014, Kin Tue-Fee updated the whole book into its 2014 Edition.

“This book is written as a guidance for people who want to acquire success and to achieve a rewarding and enjoyable life, based on the principles of personal management and development. It will give you an opportunity to explore human capacities and potentials which are often not addressed in conventional education. You have the most to win by developing your potential to the fullest and by bringing out the best you. Your No. 1 job is to build a better you.”

His second book is entitled: Bergneustadt Putting People First – A personal approach to management and leadership. It was published in 2009.


Today the management principle that is most successful is putting people first. The new reporting relationships must be based on respect, team work, honesty and competence rather than on authority and hierarchy.

Successful managers and leaders have to develop valuable skills and techniques to deal with people, to communicate, to set goals, to delegate, to motivate and to solve problems.



Author Interview

  • How long did it take to write “Become your Best” and “Putting people First”?

It took me about nine years to write “Become your Best” and about eight years for “Putting people First” from conception to publishing. My next book ”Relationships matter” is in the final editing stage will have taken ten years if it is published next year, and I intend to. I enjoy the research and writing part much more than the editing, but in any case I take my time.

  • What inspired you to start writing?

When I was about forty years old, I had my first depression when my father passed away. I did not enjoy this experience, and wanted to understand what caused my depression. With the help of my psychologist, I did an in-depth introspection of my feelings, self-esteem and attitude. I started to read all the self-help books related to these topics. As I was in Toastmasters International, I started to write speeches and made presentations on these topics at my local club. Slowly, the speeches evolved into a series of self-help topics, which then became the skeleton for “Become your best”. I must say that some of my fellow Toastmasters did encourage me to write my first book, after hearing my presentations.

  • How is the journey of a life coach and writer?

After the publication of “ Become your best”, I needed to market the sale of my books as I self-published 1000 books with T-Printers in Mauritius. I launched my books at Bookcourt, Caudan in 1997. With a good crowd, I did a short presentation of my book at Bookcourt. I got publicity through 5-plus newspaper, MBC Radio and Open University in Mauritius. My first book opened numerous doors for me. I conducted workshops and seminars at Toastmasters District 61 conferences, Rotary club, Lions Club, University of Ottawa, Carleton University, etc. The training company of Rogers Ltd in Mauritius hired me to conduct a series of seminars: Putting People First from 1998 to 2000 at Domaine des Pailles.

  • You now conduct seminars now. How is that experience to share with other people?

With my contacts in Singapore and Malaysia, since 1998 I have conducted seminars internationally, namely in Canada, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Sharing my knowledge and experience with professionals, leaders and executives is my passion. My signature seminar in the Far East is entitled: Succeeding from engineer to manager. It is basically the story of my difficult transition from a naval architect to an executive in the federal public service of Canada. Recently in Mauritius, my seminars are mostly on how to make the most of your potential. With a partner, I am planning a seminar of building wealth through property investment in Mauritius next year.

  • What is your favorite motivational phrase?

Become your best friend.

  • Who is your favorite writer or idol?

Leo Buscaglia.

  • What is your favorite movie?

Out of Africa

  • Something that you love other than reading and writing?


  • Did you expect so many of positive reviews on your books?

Yes, mostly because I requested the ones printed in the books from friends who have read them and provided me with positive comments…

Where you can keep in touch with Kin Tue-Fee?

  • Website: www.kintue-fee.com
  •  My blog postings: http://kintuefee.wordpress.com 

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