As an entrepreneur or a blogger, I am assuming that you are definitely on Instagram. It has become a must to be on almost every social media sites, so as to reach a wider audience. I associated my site to Instagram a long time ago, but was not using it correctly.
Six-months ago, I realised that if I wanted more traffic to my blog, I needed to use Instagram to my benefit.
Let me share the top six tips that I learned after six-months on Instagram!

The More you Post, the More your Followers Increase

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This is a true fact! If you remain dormant on your instagram, no one will know that you exist. I started posting almost everyday, and each time I posted something on Instagram, I gained followers.
Like, I didn’t need to do much, people just followed.
Be very active on Instagram – According to the latest chart from Statista, right now there are 700 million users on Instagram.

Grab the opportunity to make your business known!

Hashtags Are Important



They sure are crucial when you post on Instagram. You cannot post without using the right hashtags.
Use Websta , the online Instagram Viewer to know what are the top hashtags trending.
#love #life #photooftheday #likeforlike #happy 

I always use those in every post, they are always trending.

Also, every day has it’s own #hashtag that you can use.

#motivationalmonday #fridayfeeling #tgif #throwbackthursday #wednesdaywisdom

Don’t just use hashtags that you want, make a quick search on what are those that you could use to boost the engagement.

Time Posting Matters


According to analysis made, the correct time to post on Instagram is between 5pm and 7pm; on Wednesday & Thursday. Around 3pm and on Sundays, do not generate much engagement.
However, it is important to know when your audience is more active, depending on your time zone.
When I started using Instagram, I did some trials & errors to establish the best posting time.
My time zone is UTC +04 00 and, it turned out that the best time to post was after 5pm (Mauritian Time) and, the mornings weren’t a good time to post.

Repost Attract Followers 



Yep! Another true fact on how to gain more followers is to repost popular insta posts.
For example, as DC Comics fan, I was always re-posting pictures from CW for The Flash, Arrow among others. And, using the #repost #regram #cw hashtags and, this increased my followers.
This is so as you connect with people who share the same interests as yours and they feel a connection.

Join IGPods


I had no idea what IGPods are until, I was added in one and got connected with so many bloggers. IGPods are new but, they are an awesome way to get visibility for your posts.
They are like Facebook groups.
Each time you post something on your profile, you notify in the IGPod, which increases the engagement and visibility of your post.

SIX-Months & Six Tips on Joining Instagram!
Before I end this post, am sharing an article : Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Invested in Instagram (and So Should You!


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    1. Hi Jo! Thank you!
      IGpods are like Facebook thread. You join and each time you post something new on your Instagram feed, you let the members know. And, they will like/comment, increasing your engagements.

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