I have been blogging since 2013 now, and blogging has now become a part of my everyday life. It started with a simple hobby, I used to write here and there whenever I feel like. I didn’t care about how many views my blog posts were getting or if there were visitors or not.
It was only a hobby.

Little did I know that blogging would play a big role in finding my passion.
Blogging isn’t just a hobby today or a simple thing. In today’s world. you’re going to find endless of bloggers around the world and, you may find it difficult or fear to start a blog and write to strangers.
Or, you may simply say that there are so many blogs out there, how can you compete with that?

I am going to provide you with 6-awesome reasons of why you should start a blog.
And, that’s not it… The Elysian Geek is bringing you “The Ultimate Bloggers Course” which will give you steps for your blogging path.


Why you should blog?

Showcase your Skills

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A blog is an excellent way to showcase your unique skills that you have. It can be photography, writing, or languages. Seriously, it can be anything.  I believe that everyone is multi talented. You can be an investor and, have awesome photography skills.
You would be surprised how your blog can be used as a portfolio for your resumé.

A blog makes you stand out from other candidates for a job interview. Recruiters google you before proposing a job interview. I’ve had recruiters asking what is it, that I have apart from academic stuffs.
A blog is an excellent way to demonstrate the creative side of yours.

Promote your Services & Products


You could be a stay-at-home mum and creating craftswork or you have a love for cooking. You are good at something and you know, that you can offer the best to your clients. Create a blog!
Write…and tell your potential clients why they should buy your products, what are you offering?
Blogging is a great platform to demonstrate your services and products. It expands your presence on the internet over a wide audience.

Blogging will get out of your Comfort Zone


Blogging is big step. Most people would just stay where they are, instead of getting out there. There is fear of rejection, of “what would people think”, of “what if it turned out to be a mockery”. It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and blogging, is a way to do it. When you put yourself, your words out there in a the vast ocean of internet, you are showing the universe that you indeed have the guts to do something different.

To keep up with the pace of the blogging world, it will force you to learn new stuffs and strategies.

And, it gets you closer to being extraordinary.

Connect with other Bloggers


Networking! I cannot tell you how many bloggers & entrepreneurs I have talked and connected with. It is so amazing to meet other people who are in the same path as yours; to share your blogging goals and raise up the vibes. You learn so many things and it contributes to growth. Listening to their success stories and collaborating is a wonderful feeling. And, it’s all around the world!
You get help, advices and you learn from people who are smarter than you.

Land your first freelance work


Yes, you can land up your first freelance work through blogging. Yes, you can earn through blogging. This is real 🙂
Freelancing is rising so much in the job market so, why not go with the trend?
Of no doubt, it is going to take time.
But, once you build an audience and your brand name is out there, you are going to get freelance work in no time.
Blogging is definitely a start !

Turn your Passion into a Business


I love this one – Turn Your Passion into Your Business.
How many bloggers have turned into entrepreneurs? And, they have been successful in it.
You may not have the intention to turn your hobby into a business. But, it can come.
The potential is in here.
Once you have self-branded yourself out there, have a wide range of followers, establish the basis of what services you want to offer & gain experiences, testimonials from being freelancers, you can do it.

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