Sipping my hot chamomile tea at my favorite coffee shop – where do i buy antabuse Coffee Vibes (yeah, I’m not really coffee person & they serve great tea also there) , I remove my specs and scanned my eyes through each corner of the surroundings.

I come here every sunday afternoon to write on my articles.
Plus, I just love their velvet cupcakes and macaroons.

I was more of an observer rather than actually using words..

My eyes stopped on that pretty blonde girl.
Frequenting buy Ivermectin online in u.k Coffee Vibes so much made me remember the faces that visit the place every sunday.
They look familiar now, rather than strangers.

Pretty blonde girl is waiting for blue-eyed boy. It was their usual sunday date, except it wasn’t..
See, I caught a glimpse of his boyfriend with another woman last night at the club.

As she closed her eyelids slowly, I could feel the sadness taking over her. She Knows.
I felt a moment of despair as I saw the boyfriend pushing the front door of Coffee Vibes.
My gaze shifted to blondie, imagining the worst – a slap maybe? or loud cries?
And, my eyes were left in shock.

She was beaming from ear to ear, receiving her mate in a passionate embrace.

What just happened?

Ohh.. She put on her Mask… The Mask….

But why? Is it because of the money? Or she’s afraid? She thinks she’s not good enough to get someone else?

I shook my head hopelessly.


The Mask… Everyone has one..

And, everyone wears it at some point…

Gandia But, why? 

Are we afraid of our flaws? Are we afraid that the world will laugh at us?

It’s like that girl who takes so many selfies everywhere because she feels insecure about herself. But, the “likes” on social media makes her more confident.

Or, that someone who molds his personality & transform himself in a completely different person, so that he can be accepted in the group.

The mask… everyone has a mask.. so that they don’t feel rejected and be accepted by the “society”, their “tribe”..

But is it really your tribe if they are accepting your mask instead of your real self? 

What’s the use of having such a tribe, where you have to pretend to be someone else the whole time.. and, the only time when you can be yourself is when you’re alone.
That’s kinda lame.

It’s so rare to find someone who is letting his real self outside, with all the imperfections.

Yeah, I know showing your real self is going to cost you people in your life; maybe they will all leave and you’ll be all alone. Not, maybe.
They are gonna leave you.
But, trust me it’s worth it. 

Because, it’s only when the wrong people leave your life, that the right ones enter.
But, you gotta let go of the mask and JUST BE YOU!

Being you will push away all the wrong people in your life.

Be strong enough to walk alone & to wait for the genuine people, who will really love you with all your flaws.
It’s worth the wait.





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