Michael ~ There’s None Like You

Okay – Can we talk like what happened in the latest episode of Jane The Virgin?

Mike Cordero Died????!

Like What Now???


I’m putting this picture because he’s too cute in it….

Okay back to the fact that Michael actually died 😦

I didn’t expect that to happen.
How am I gonna watch the show without Michael in it?

His love for Jane was so pure and real… 


And, the bromance with Rogelio??
Where we gonna get that now..


But, seriously..

Michael, you were amazing 🙂
In everything.. We loved you on the show & we always will..
As long as the show goes on – you will always be remembered 🙂


And, yes.. I will not end this without saying that Gina Rodriguez’s acting was spectacular..
It was so real, that it made me froze & I actually felt that pain inside, as if I lost someone close to me..

I will not post a picture of that scene – it makes me sad and angry that Michael is dead.

Brett – We Love You & We will always Love You


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