For those who don’t know me, I am a HUGE fan of DC Comics.. Like seriously, the addiction is huge!

So, Arrow made its 100th episode!
And, we all saw the pictures on Instagram 🙂
I loved Colton’s outfit 🙂

Arrow, 100th Episode Party


They all looked great!
But, where’s Barry? 😛

Let’s talk about the Crossover!!!!


I have been waiting for the crossover since I watched the episode at Comic Con.
And, now when it’s finally here!

Săcele 4-days Crossover ~ Awesome! 

Putting Arrow, Flash, Legends & Supergirl together was a mindblowing idea _

  • Supergirl

The suspense of showing the breach in supergirl every now and then was cool.
I just wanted to see more of Barry on supergirl, but we got to see him & Cisco arriving at the very last minute.


But, it’s okay. It kept the suspense of why they went to see Kara.
With “To be continued on the Flash”

  • The Flash



I have been avoiding any type of leaks/spoiler on the crossovers.
So, aliens? That was a new one for me :p Heroes vs Aliens

I always love to see Barry & Oliver together _

Barry teamed up everyone.

I just miss Snart on Legends.  Wentworth Miller was epic as Captain Cold, seeing him taking up a character completely from Michael Scofield was nice.
So, I miss him.


And, everyone got to know about how Barry screwed up the timeline…and affected some of their lives.
Oh, Barry…we all love you…

  • Arrow

I have to say ~ I loved the episode!
Of putting them in another life, a hallucination, then bringing familiar faces back for this specific episode.

We saw the Black Canary…


Making John the Green Arrow was unexpected… but, well played


The episode was perfect ~ how Oliver’s life would have been, with his parents alive, getting married to Laurel.

We caught a glimpse of Roy Harper..

City of Heroes

I liked the episode!

  • Legends of Tomorrow

Interesting revelation from the aliens showing that they are here because of Barry.
I didn’t see that coming.



Cisco to Felicity ~ “Haven’t you seen Stranger Things?” 

And, the moment Oliver was falling & Supergirl caught him 😛

The crossover ended well with Barry & Oliver having drinks together _




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