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UherskĂ˝ Brod About Laura:

I am a spiritual life coach. I work with clients to guide and support them to connect to the truth within their hearts and live from that truth. I came into this career as a result of my own personal and spiritual transformation. As soon as I discovered how powerful these tools and practices are, I had to start teaching and sharing them with others. Some of the tools I use and teach in coaching are meditation, mindfulness, visualization, breathwork, journaling, affirmations, prayer, manifesting techniques, and mirror work. I have been able to create my dream life and I want to show others that they can create their dream life too.

How I met Laura?

It was last year while I was going through a hard phase. I was looking for some meditation practices and life coaches when I stumbled upon Laura’s website. I had a free-coaching call with Laura and for those minutes, she really helped me. I still practice her meditation techniques; “Manifesting your Happiness”. You won’t believe this has been helpful in manifesting what I desire 🙂

Laura, how did meditation change your life & do you encourage people to practice it?

It was only a few years ago that I was struggling to get out of bed, get dressed and show up to where I needed to go each day. I started meditating 5 years before that but I only ever used it as a tool during times of desperation: when I was in pain, when I couldn’t sleep, when I was feeling overwhelmed, when I was stressed about exams, etc. It always helped to ease my suffering, allowing me to return to my day-to-day life as it was before. Meditation was how I dealt with pain and discomfort in my life. It always helped me get through hard times but it only started to transform my life when I started practicing daily.

I was 21 years old, in my final year of university. Mentally, I was feeling lost and hopeless. I was filled with anxiety and experienced moments of depression and rage. I put myself down a lot and hated my body. Years and years of believing I wasn’t good enough came to the surface as the surface of my body (my skin) became covered in eczema. From head-to-toe, I was covered in painful, irritated, itchy skin. The only way I can think to describe it, is feeling like my whole body was covered in sunburns and mosquito bites.

The doctors I visited were less than helpful, offering me solutions that were unsustainable and only masked the problem. It seemed they could only offer me quick fixes that would damage my body and wouldn’t last. I often left the doctor’s office crying and feeling hopeless. The only thing I could think to do was take baths, cover my skin in lotion, meditate and cry a lot. Every morning and every night, I got into the bathtub and pressed play on a guided meditation. I think it was the only time I breathed and let my shoulders relax all day.

As I started practicing daily, things slowly started to change in my life. As with any deep change that starts from within, it was slow and gradual. I started to use deep breathing when I was feeling stressed during the day. I started feeling more connected to God and after the suggestion from my dad, I started to pray at night thanking God for 3 things. My intuition grew stronger, making me feel more connected to my higher self and guiding me to decisions that logically made no sense but something in me knew it was the right decision (some of the best decisions in my life were made this way). The thoughts of worry, frustration and self-doubt lessened. Over time, my mind and body started to heal in every way.

I became more joyful and at ease. I became a more loving, kind and compassionate person towards myself and others. I was guided to my purpose. My skin started to heal as I healed my relationship with myself. My faith and spirituality grew. Meditation healed me from the inside out.

Now, I no longer only use meditation in times of desperation. I meditate every day and it seems like there are fewer desperate times in my life. Combining the practice of meditation with a relatively healthy mind, body and spirit, allows me to be the best expression of myself. Meditation brings acceptance to the darkness. Meditation brings gratitude to the light. Meditation opens me up to self-discovery. It enhances my creativity. Meditation keeps me grounded. Taking a few mindful breaths and going within can transform any moment. Meditation opens me up to being a more kind, compassionate, and loving being.

Meditation can be as simple as starting your day with 5 deep, mindful breaths and noticing what’s happening in your body. The more you do it and the more consistent you are with your practice, the greater the transformation will be.

Where you can find Laura?

Instagram: @lauraycordon
Snapchat: @lcordon

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