Why Justin Baldoni is one of my Idols?

Justin Baldoni: Actor, handsome, sexy, director, husband, dad…..and, it goes on. 
But, I’m not here to talk about how handsome he is! 

See, I never heard about Justin Baldoni until I started watching Jane The Virgin.
Amazing show! If you haven’t watched it yet, you should!

Chapter Seven


So..yeah I started reading about him, following him on every social media sites he is.

He became a crush just like any other celebrity….until he became an Inspiration 🙂


Why is he an inspiration, you asked?

  • My Last Days


CW:MY LAST DAYS! I think this is most important reasons why Justin Baldoni is one of my idols.
For those who don’t know, My Last Days is an inspiring documentary series created & produced by Justin Baldoni, Wayfarer Entertainment with Soul Pancake, where people with terminal illness share their stories & make us believe that we can all make a positive impact in the world.

I followed the story of Zach Sobiech – “You don’t have to find that you’re dying in order to start living” 

You can find Zach’s song “Clouds” here:

I have no words about “My Last Days”. All I can say is that it changed my outlook of life.

Happiness is not a limited resource. 

  • The APPS – Shout The Good & Belly Bump


Justin : “We built Shout to be a place where anyone can go to be reminded of why they matter in the world, and to use their voice to shout the good about their friends. Only the good lives on Shout, the rest of the Internet can handle the negativity.”

I’m sad that this app isn’t available in Mauritius!!!


“Every day you’re pregnant, you’re already kind of missing it,” Baldoni says. “What’s so cool about an app like this is it allows you to capture that moment of that day—the day you really started showing or whatever it is—and you’ll be able to reference it in a little short movie that you’ll have forever.”

  • The Good 30 : Happiness Movement

Justin Baldoni started the Happiness Movement to make someone happy in 30 seconds.
The #Good30

It doesn’t have to be a big thing 🙂
Just bring a smile!!

  • His Love for Emily Baldoni

The way he respects women 🙂

I really admire this trait. Justin Baldoni is a true gentleman 🙂

  • Maiya

#Dear Maiya
You have a wonderful father.
I follow Justin’s stories on Instagram & Snapchat.
The way he captures everything , every little memories is worth it 🙂

That’s not the only reasons why Justin should be an inspiration.
There’s countless reasons 🙂


Just remember Happiness isn’t a limited a reason..


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