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I am a book lover. I love reading. And, when someone reads a lot, he develops a thing for writing just like me! The words just keep flowing in your mind and, book lovers would better understand that. Hope to get my book published soon 🙂

Anyway, in the mean time I got good with content writing which we all know how content is important to digital marketing.

So, yesterday one of my friends, who is an amazing photographer reached out for me to write some content for his pictures. And, I created unique & original content for him.




fiveProductivityHacks for CreativePeople










So if anyone needs some help with their content, feel free to shoot me an email at
[email protected]!



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  1. I have worked as a content writer before, So i can feel exactly how you feel. content writing is an art and its not very easy to master the different types of writings and the clients demands.

  2. Writing content can be really difficult. Sometimes I am faced with writers block and so Im always looking for additional resources just in case I come up against a wall. It is great you are offering your services.

  3. I have read so many blogs that say great content makes a huge difference. I would agree. People need a reason to use your services in business and rich content brings them back again and again.

  4. Aw that was so beautiful what you wrote! You should also have your friend give you a testimonial so that you can turn those samples into the start of a portfolio. Good luck on your writing biz; I know you’ll snag your first client soon!

  5. Content writing is lovely and I wish you all the best! Sometimes the mind does get blocked and we don’t feel like writing or words do not come to the mind but for that simply take some rest or maybe opt for mindfulness to feel relaxed.

  6. I can tell from the content you wrote that you’re a book lover. It takes a certain skill to master story telling content writing.

  7. Nicely written content for those beautiful pictures…. I understand the importance of good content as I am also a content writer and have written content for various websites and articles… Recently posted my first blog on WordPress.

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