The Liebster Award!

Yay! My blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award for the first time by Gloria of Jugglingmother.
Here’s her blog:

What is a Liebster Award? 

The Liebster Award is conducted by bloggers for new bloggers to gain appreciation and recognition for their work. It’s a great way to connect to many bloggers and build connection with each other. It’s super exciting!

So, I made some research about the award from my side. Turns out that the Liebster Award has some German origins as the word “Liebster” comes from Germany. And, there are some rules that need to be followed.

The Rules

  1. You have to thank the blog that nominated you
  2. You have to answer the questions asked by the blog that nominated you
  3. You have to nominate 11 other new bloggers
  4. You have to set new questions for your nominees

It’s kinda cool since you get to know other bloggers and build awesome relationships with them!
So, the questions that Gloria set up for me are:

  • What country were your born in?

I was born in Mauritius, an amazing tropical island located in the Indian Ocean.

  •  Are you an animal lover?  If so, what kind?

I am a pet lover! I loved every animals, it’s fascinating to see them. My actual pet is a Doggy, named Prince.

  •  Is blogging what you thought it would be?

Indeed, blogging did turn out like I was expected. I blog because I love to do it :’)

  •  How many cars have you owned?

None, and I have the full intention to change that!

  •  What is your favorite dessert?

I would say every single dessert where the name “chocolate” is involved.

  •  How many hours a week do you devote to your blogging?

Blogging is not work for me. It’s not that I need to sit down and blog for that number of hours. I blog when I get inspiration. I blog when I want to do it. I blog when I feel that I need to do it.

When you love doing something, there are no conditions attached to it. You just do it! :’)

  •  Would you rather play a sport or watch one, which sport?

I would say both! I love playing Badminton and watch Football match!

  •  What is a favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory would be, every single time my brother and I invented and played new games, with our only worry- to reach home in time to not miss Tom & Jerry!

  • Which Social Media is your favorite and why?

Facebook is definitely my favourite social media right now, since Facebook has the largest number of audience and interaction with your audience is much more easier.

Facebook helps to build new relationships and maintains the existing ones.

  •  What is the most dangerous, daredevil activity you have ever tried?

The devil inside me hasn’t awaken yet!

  •  What is the longest job you have ever held?

The time I was doing my internship!

Okay, enough of me now! Here’s the 11 new bloggers I have nominated:

Imani K. Brown                      

Joana Lapa                               

Breanna Townsend McKay  

Ryian Louise Hilpisch            

Michelle Baldwin                    

Michelle Robinson                  

Emma Lenhart                         

Dharak Infotech                       

Vita Masli                                   

Katie Steinberg                         

Steph Atkins                               

Now, Nominees, get ready for your questions!

  • Why did you start your blog?
  • What inspires you the most? 
  • What is your favourite movie of all time?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 
  • Your reaction when you heard you were nominated for the Liebster Award? 
  • How do you practice Self-Love? 
  • What is the one biggest challenge for your blog right now? 
  • Red or white wine? Why? 
  • What actor would you choose you to play you in a movie or your real life? 
  • What is your dream job? 
  • Describe your Future Self for me! (Character & personality wise) 

Congratulations to all the Nominees and to me, also!

Love You all

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