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A week ago, I decided to build a free website for myself. Since I wasn;t getting the templates that I want from WordPress, I decided to use Wix to build the website for free. I read about some of the reviews and was satisfied with its popularity.


  • Error on website

1 hour after published the website online, I got “ERROR” when I tried to view it again. First, I thought that there was a technical error on Wix and that the team was fixing it. After 1 hour, I could access it.

Then again, the next day same error on the website.

  • Some content do not appear

On my blog section, I added a subscription box so that people could could subscribe by email. That content kept not appearing on the page. I had to refresh the page each time to get the subscription box appear.

  • You can’t upload unlimited photos

When I was writing my first blog post on the website, I got a pop-up from Wix to not upload lots of pictures else the website will become heavy. So, I had to limit my choices to uploading only few images.

I hated that!

  • Google hates Wix

Yes! I do think Google hates Wix too, because I have done everything to optimize my website. I did everything that Wix told me so that my website appears high in search engines. But, still it didn’t work. Though my website was live, Google said that my website doesn’t exist!

How frustrating is that! When I was sharing my website URL, no one could access it.

  • It takes forever to load

My blog page took so many minutes to load the content. It took so much time that at some point, I had to close the browser and open it again. I don’t know if it’s because the wix only focus on the layout and design of its websites, that it forgot to look out for convenience!

  • It is not mobile-friendly

This is what triggered me to delete my website and my account with Wix. I never thought that it wouldn’t be mobile friendly. I couldn’t use the website nor write my blog posts via my smartphone. I had to be only on my laptop to be able to use Wix. It was so not cool at all!


That’s it! And, I switched back to my WordPress.

I hope that helped! Share with me in the comments 🙂 

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  1. Well, this is interesting. I have a Wix site (the full premium version – don’t know if that makes a difference) and I love it. There have been a few issues and they have all been resolved except the facebook ones. Removed most facebook features but love my site. I am sorry you have had this experience.

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