1. Log in to your Google account first. If you don’t have, create one as you would need a Google account to use the webmaster tools.

2.  Enter in the Google Webmaster Tool

Here’s the link: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools

3. You will need to add your blog or website URL

4. Next, you will have to verify your site


Click on “Verify the property”


This page will appear. If you own your website, follow the steps in the Recommended method. Else, click on the Alternate methods.


Select the first option itself: the HTML Tag.

Copy the Meta tag and open your dashboard of your WordPress blog in another page.


Paste the Meta tag in the option of Google Webmaster Tools and click on save changes.

5. Come back to your verification page and click verify.


Congratulations! You have verify your site on Google Webmaster Tool!

Next, you are going to receive an email on how you can set up your Search Console.


Set your preferred version or select your target country! It’s as simple as that.

I will show you how to submit a sitemap file on my next blog post.


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