Severus Snape: Tribute

I am a big fan of Harry Potter movies and, it struck me as lightning when I heard that one of the greatest character,  Alan Rickman just died from a battle with cancer. I have no words to express how it touched me to hear such a devastating news. I think the biggest fans of Harry Potter’s movies and books will feel the pain like me.

I have gathered some scenes and moments of Severus Snape, just feel them.

His Intense Voice




When he was always here to protect
The Half-Blood Prince revealed


His Expressions



Young Snape
Maybe, our biggest moment of Snape
Yes, Always.

Rest In Peace, Alan Rickman.

You’ll always be remembered, as Severus Snape.

45 Replies to “Severus Snape: Tribute”

  1. So very sad, so much love for him on Social Media, from Die Hard to Love Actually and of course the Potter fans! We are as depressed as Marvin, the Android he voiced in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy about it!

    We were lucky to meet him after seeing him in a play in London, he was such a nice and kind man, signing for all who had waited, I have a signed copy of Galaxy Quest that I will treasure always #RIPAlan

  2. Alan Rickman was an awesome actor and Severus Snape an awesome character, even more so with the way Alan Rickman portrayed him! He will be sorely missed!

  3. Losing him *and* David Bowie in the same week has all of us in the art world reeling. I absolutely loved Rickman in everything I ever saw him in. I think the “It may have escaped your notice but life isn’t fair” gif is the perfect Snape reaction to Rickman’s passing. It breaks all our hearts.

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