Social Media Marketing

Reasons why any business needs to establish itself on social media platforms:

1) Connect to a larger audience 

Almost everybody are now on social platforms, be it, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram among others. through social networking tools, you can connect to a large audience very easily. There is no need to go and search for customers. Customers are right here, you just have to approach them with an appropriate market strategy.

2) Establish long lasting relationship with your customers 

Social media platforms help you to have better communication and increase interactivity with your customers. Through the instant messaging, comments, posts, tweets among others found in social platforms, you can respond appropriately to your customers. This helps to build good relationships with those customers and maintain those relations.

3) Get instant feedbacks 

Social Media platforms helps to get immediate feedbacks from your customers. You just have to post a question about your products and services, for example, “how did you like our new product?”
And, within minutes you will receive floods of feedbacks, both positive and negative.

Positive feedback shows that your marketing strategy and products were perfect and you can continue this marketing plan.

Negative feedback implies that there is need for improvement and how you can improve your products will depends on the feedbacks that you have received from your customers.

In both ways, your business is the winner.

Failure is just another opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

4) Feedbacks help in market research 

Feedbacks gained help to better understand the needs and requirements of your customers and ultimately, it helps to gather much research and information about your target audience. market research has never been that easy to get. Feedbacks help you to customize your products and services according to what your customers want.

5) Social Media platforms are cheap 

You can make your publicity and advertisements on those platforms just for a small fee, unlike traditional marketing (radios and televisions) which required huge amount of investment with no guarantee that those promotions are reaching the target audience.

6) Gain Audience insights more easily

Facebook allows you to gain additional insights about your target audience which is very helpful for your business. You can check out my blog post on Facebook Audience Insights to have more information about it.

7) Build an online reputation and gain visibility through search engines 

Having a popular reputation is very important for any online business and social media sites help to achieve an online reputation. Through search engines, your business gain more visibility to internet users and customers.

8) Measure your success 

You can measure the success of your business through various free online analytics such as :

  1. Web Analytics
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Twitalyzer
  4. Facebook Insights
  5. Google Website Optimizer

Social networking sites are definitely a must for any online company. 

How has social media platforms help your business? Share with us in the comments.

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    1. In the last week I have upped my game in the social media world and it has increased traffic to my blog by two or three times what it used to be. Pretty important information. Thanks for posting.

    2. Engaging with customers is definitely important. However, one challenge on social media is making out those with genuine interest from the casual visitor.

    3. Social media marketing is getting really big in 2016, can’t agree more with all your point! To add, brands and businesses should definitely focus more on producing network-specific content e.g. long form writing for Facebook Instant articles as using social media simply to distribute their links and point traffic to the website won’t be getting as much results as it used to..

    4. Great Post! I book marked it, so I can return whenever I need a reminder. I am working on a novel, and would like to turn it into a Kickstarter project, but I know I have to build my audience first. Social media is key.

    5. I agree with all of this! Always stay connected with your readers! I started blogging recently last November and my Instagram followers grew rapidly. Now I am at 1k followers. That helped my blog to get a lot of views.

    6. I agree! Social media is such an inexpensive tool to help grow your business. Everyone and every business needs an online presence if they want to grow their brand. Great points.

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