LUGM meetup

I reached Ebene Accelerator at about one o’clock where the meetup was to be held. Ish, Nitin , Logan and Pawan were already there.

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By 13hr30 everything was set up for the presentations. Pawan, Ajay and Nadim set up some gadgets to record and photograph the presentations.


The first part of the presentation was done by Logan where he talkes on OpenSSH v6.5. He explained what is OpenSSH and what are the features associated to it. OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on. OpenSSH is developed by the OpenBSD Project.During the presentation,there were some questions asked by the audience. Logan talked about a new  key format, called the  Ed25519 and the ChaCha20 cipher and he gave a small demo on both of them. Logan ended his presentation on some words about the donation to the OpenBSD project 🙂

The second presentation was by S. Moonesamy  on the topic “What if .mu was in Mauritius? “.
This was an interesting debate as it involved the participation of almost everyone. He made some statistics on the loading time taken by websites and it was found the the Defi Plus took the longest time to load. SM asked us to joining a mailing list where the problems, solutions , views and opinions could be discussed. I really like this presentation as it was real facts debated on. Some websites really take much time to load and sometimes they don’t even load.


After that Darshini and I had to leave while the geeks continued their questions ans answers sessions. It was really an awesome meetup 🙂

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