Learning about LPI

LPI? What is LPI?
I heard Ish saying about this a few times, so darshini and I wanted to have more information about this. We met Ish at Mugg & Bean as usual so that he could enlightened us on certain aspects and clear our doubts.


Ish made us part of the most essential facts to know about the LPIC, such as there are 3 levels in that and that each level constitutes of two papers each.

When I reached home, I made my little research about the LPIC. So, LPI is the Linux Professional Institute to certify IT professionals using the  Linux operating system.

The first level, LPIC-1 is for the Junior level linux certification.

The second level, LPIC-2 for Advanced Level Linux Certification.

The third level, LPIC-3 for Senior Level Linux Certification.

Also the LPI is partnered with OpenSuse and CompTIA.

It is interesting and this is a way to start grasping more knowledge about Linux.
I think its time to get to serious work 🙂

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