The Event

The LinuxFest 2013 turned out to be a great event and it was the eve of my birthday also 🙂 I had never participated in such a Linux event . The Infotech 2013 was a foretaste to this as i had to demonstrate Linux to the public there.

We started the event some time around 10.30. Darshini and I were supposed to be hosting the event but unfortunately, we had exams on that day. So, we joined in the festival afterwards and the members of the computer club replaced us in doing the announcements at the beginning.  So after our exams ended at 11.30, we reached the Octave Wiehe Auditorium and we took over to hosting the event.


We had some real fun backstage and there was a time when Ish was doing his presentations and I asked him :
“Ish, are you high?”…

So the Presentations were done as follows :

Expansion of Linux & Android by Avinash Meetoo

Running Windows applications on Linux by Jochen Kirstätter
Skills needed for a Unix System Admin & open source in our current IT industry, by Nitin Bachraz
MSCC & Development on open source platforms by Nirvan Pagooah & Nayar Joolfoo
openSUSE Project / openSUSE Advocate Program by Ish Sookun
BSD & Linux by Eldergod Sælvøn
Presentation of Kali Linux by Nitin J Mutkawoa
Linux Mint for daily activities by Nadim Attari

After all the presentations, we invited everyone in the lobby for a Linux demonstration. Ish and Ajay installed Linux on the students’ laptops.

At the end of the day it turned out to be a great event to everyone’s satisfactions 🙂

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