Infotech 2013

Never thought that one day I would participate in Infotech, but it turned out to be pretty awesome 🙂

So, I had to meet with the geeks at the University of Mauritius. When I reached, everyone was already here, Ish, Darshini, Nirvan and there were the members of the computer club. Ish was discussing the LinuxFest with them when Pawan and Antish arrived.

So, we headed to the Infotech at around 10hr30. We then rushed to the NCB stand and Ish started putting everything into place . Ajay then reached afterwards and gave us its camera to capture those moments. So, me and Darshini kept clicking photos here and there. While heading to the foodcourt, we did got a look about Ish’ geek girl !  Hehe 🙂

Darshini and I did some demo about Linux to the public. People were quite impressed about Linux as its new to them and they were keen to learn more about this. So we invited them to the Linux Fest 2013.

Darshini and I left early as we had some stuffs to do, but it was a wonderful day 😉

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