Academic Grades Obsession!

Hato Mayor del Rey buy prednisone with paypal “Kifer to pé dessiné? Al apran to Maths! Kumsa meme to pu gagne bon travay?”

Damn! What’s with this obsession with academic grades?!

My cousin, Avinash always heard those repeated scoldings from his parents after school. He had this passion for arts & culture and he was talented in those skills. He was fifteen-years old and he could draw an impeccable portrait of yours in no time. I would say, he had a gift for drawing and, he would proudly show the cousin squad his vivid imagination engraved in paper.

I remember during the traditional Christmas dinner in 2012 Harsīn , my aunt stumbled upon some of his sketches in his room and figuratively ran to Avinash’s mum to have a “serious conversation” about his future.

“Dessiné péna valeur sa! Li pas pu vin 1 grand dimun kumsa. Comien points lin tiré dans Maths et Accounts?”

Translation: Arts do not have much value as much as Maths or accounts. What’s his grades in those subjects?

That night, Avinash’s parents sat down with him to have a discussion about his academics grades at school and his “immature love” for arts. They said that they were embarrassed during dinner of how their only son had no A+ grades in valuable subjects such as, mathematics like the other cousins. There was a big talk about how the society works in a certain order and children who grow up to be doctors, teachers or ACCA graduates have more respect. He was told that he would not get a decent job with a good salary if he did not concentrate on his grades.
“Mais, mo detesté faire Maths! Mone séyer; mais mo pas comprend li. Mo ti envi faire arts et langues moi!”

Translations: But, I hate Maths! I don’t understand its concept. I want to do Arts!

“To pas pé compren to Maths à cause to pas pé met la tête ladans! A partir zordi, mo pas lai trouve toi déssiné encore.”  

Translation: The only reason why you cannot understand Maths is because you are not learning it! As from today, I do not want to see any of your drawings!

He was told that artists do not make big money and are not recognised in the society. His parents said that they know what is best for him and that he would understand when he grows up.

There is an Avinash in almost every home who have to let go of his passions because he cannot win against the psychological obsession with academic grades. Some kids feel that they are not good enough when they do not meet the high expectations of their parents. More importance is given to competitivity than creativity and,

Wallace D. Wattles quoted: “Man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind.”

Children are very innovative by birth and few of them have the possibility to carry this creativity till adulthood. Some have incredible talents such as singing, music, arts and writing among others and those creativity tend to get lost along the way due to the rules of the society and parent’s pressures on them to be someone else.

Why is it that when our kids are around three-years old, we buy coloring books for them, we read them endless bedtime stories or gift them a small guitar to play. Basically, we expose them to creative stuffs that would expand their imagination so that they can learn new things and grow. And, when our little monsters show us their first drawing or we see them reading their favorite stories on their own, we feel very proud of them.

But, when our same kids get zeal about something on which they want to improve their talents, we reject those passions on the basis that they are not appropriate for a career path because the society does not define it that way.

In this technological world where most processes are being robotised and automated, creativity holds much importance so as to get new ideas and suggestions. Some parents want their children to focus on only one core subject as they grow up, such as Mathematics or accounting. Those courses need more logical and analytical thinking and is associated to the left side of the brain. And, the right side of the brain is used for creativity and intuition. Now, depending on your children’s interests and passions, they can be both “left-brained” and “right-brained” that is, they can be very good at Mathematics and be an incredible writer. The idea is to let your kids use both sides of their brain and be multi skilled as they want to be.

Diverting from the traditional approach of education may seem difficult to adapt to but it will help your children to move along with the pace of the world. Years after years, new job roles are being created and young people have more chances to achieve success in other aspects, rather than in those which are now saturated. Try to remain impartial towards your teenagers’ career path as in trying to realise your unfulfilled dreams, they may lose their individuality. Schedule meetings with the college for career guidance and to better understand which is the best path for your tweens. [1] 

I had to write this article – those are the things that are happening around us and we need to stop this.
How many people give up on their dreams because of the society? Because no one actually believed in them?
Let’s start believing in people’s dreams!

4 thoughts on “The obsession with academics grades”

  1. Great read! ?
    I grew up in a household where education, unfortunately, wasn’t a traditional route. However, many family members of mine, including myself, set up businesses instead.
    There are benefits from being educated. I decided to go to university to study BA Accounting and Finance (and I’m the first one in my family to do so). I ended up graduating with a First Class (hons).

  2. I really wish I could say my parents were supportive of my accadamic choices but they were not. It is very important that family knows and understand that all kids have different passions and aptitudes. However I guess things are getting better and parents of coming generation are more open minded

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