Feeling lost? Get Yourself Back!

Ever got to a point in life where you felt lost? 
Like, something was missing…and you felt like you were losing yourself? 

Life is so unexpected.
It never goes the way we want. The way we planned it.

Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t plan anything in our lives.
Make things happen, but be ready to deal with unexpected stuffs too.

And, sometimes in a moment, life changes.
We get a new job. New work environment.
New relationship comes by.
A new social circle.
It can be anything which just drops out of the universe.

Now, we get so caught up in this “new” thing that just happened to us, that eventually we start to lose ourselves.
This happens because we are trying to adapt to that “new” thing that just happened to us – it’s freaking awesome.. that soulmate love is finally here! Or, my dream job is finally here!

It’s called the honeymoon phase in a new relationship where everything is beautiful.
But, what happened when the phase fades?

The reason why it is important to stand up your ground always.
It’s human nature to get caught up in new stuffs happening around you 🙂

So how do you NOT lose yourself in the process? 

  • You’re responsible for your happiness. Put Yourself First (PYF)


Putting yourself first isn’t selfishness!
It’s Self- Love.

We have only one life.
And, we all deserve the best of happiness.

Always ask yourself this –
“Does it makes me happy? ”
If the answer is no, then don’t fucking do it!

If it’s yes, then Just go for it! And, let the universe take care of the rest! 

  • Don’t let go your “self-love time”. 


It’s normal to get caught up in your new, busy , routine life in the beginning.

But, seriously – Get Your Shit Together when your life has settled down.

Your “me” time? Don’t let it go for anything..
It is so important to have your self-love time every day.

Do what you love every single day of your life 🙂
It doesn’t have to be a big thing.. what do you love?

Just do it!!!

Because, that’s who you are!

  • Be You. Always. 


When you enter a new environment, a new circle of life, it is normal to feel yourself being moulded to this particular environment.
And, along the way you may feel like losing yourself just to adapt to this.

You gotta be comfortable with this –
“People will judge you. They will laugh. Criticize. Make you feel inferior. Or that you’re not good enough.”

When you come across those kinds of people, this is actually the universe telling you that these are not your people who will make you grow.
And, it is at this time that you gotta be yourself more.

Stand up your ground. 
You’re unique. Different. 

But, you know what? That’s what makes you awesome!

The right people will cherish you 🙂




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Top 4 Outfit Tips for a Girl who Loves to Travel

If you’re the kind of girl who loves adventure and travelling then you have surely faced the stress of packing for your trips and then of course there’s the age old question; what should I wear? So here are some of the most awesome outfits for any adventure of yours. Happy travelling!

  • Outfit for the Airport

Choosing the right airport outfit is surely a tricky task. You definitely want to be comfortable during your flight but a little effort will help you do this in style. Who knows, you might meet your favourite celebrity at the airport and you wouldn’t want to look like a mess in that selfie!

So here’s our suggestion, wear something which allows you lots of room to breathe such as skirts, maxis or boyfriend jeans with a tank top. The point is to keep the outfit simple but accessorize it to make it look effortlessly chic. Wear either flat shoes or heels that are comfortable to walk in such as wedges or low heel pumps.


  • Train Travel Outfits

Travelling by train is an epic experience, whether it’s a part of your Europe trip or any other place in the world, trains can leave life long memories with you but not if you’re wearing the wrong clothes. So for trips via trains, we recommend that you wear the trending tunics. They’re light and comfortable and you can easily layer them in case it gets too cold or simplify them in case of hot weather. When it comes to the right shoes to wear with tunics, strappy sandals and sneakers are definitely the top picks. You can even give the same tunic different looks by wearing them with shorts, jeans, skirts or jackets. This will also help you avoid carrying any unnecessary luggage.



  • Road trip

You meet so many new people on road trips and with some of them, you might have an everlasting relationship. This is why, it’s important to look presentable on a road trip, since you never know when you’re going to have the best day of your life. Every girl loves leggings because of their comfort and the sophistication they add to any outfit, moreover, they can be easily worn in every season. That’s why outfits with leggings are our chosen look for road trips. Wear them with your favourite ballet flats for the most fun and comfortable road trip of your life!


  • Cycle Tour Outfit

Travelling on bicycle means that you’re in for a sporty look. But how about breaking the stereotypes and stepping away from active wear for a change? If you want to look stylish while biking then go for a nice pair of skinny jeans with a nice top. If the weather is chilly then a matching handbag and blazer would be the perfect combination. For the shoes, in case of summers, a pair of white sandals would look spectacular and for winters you can go with any pumps you like.


So whether you’re travelling for work, vacation or just exploring the world, these looks will work wonders as they’ll make you look stylish, without causing any sort of inconvenience.

About Zoona


Zoona lives and breathes fashion in the colorful and culturally rich city of Lahore, Pakistan. She has been working as a full-time freelance writer since 2012 and over the years she has been lucky enough to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience. She has written for a number of different publications and on a range of subjects but she particularly likes to focus her work around fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health. When she’s not writing, she loves to read, travel, bake and just have fun with her family and friends

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Awesome Tips & Hacks!

Hey there 🙂
It’s been a long time since I have blogged, so I have come up with some awesome tips & hacks for you all!

  • Gif are trendy on Facebook nowadays.

Why wait? Do it now to promote something about your company. It’s very simple to make a GIF.

You can do it there: http://giphy.com/

  • You have a PDF to upload but it exceeds limit? Try smallpdf.com 

It will compress your pdf and solve all your pdf problems as they say!

  • Have to do a presentation & time is limited?
    Go to View> Slide Master>


And, write/insert anything  on only ONE slide. Then close the Slide Master. You’ll see that this will appear on every single slide. It saves you time & energy to copy paste!

Say, you need to insert pictures on every slide of your presentation, but you need to have the pictures inserted at the same place & position on each slide. Sure, you can do it manually, but there’s the risk of missing it here and there.
So how you do it?

Again, go to View> Slide Master>
On one slide, insert a rectangle or draw lines to position where exactly you want your image to be. Close the Slide Master. Just drag & position your images within the box. All your images will be position in the same place on every slide!
Of course, remove the boxes after!

  • Use “Eyedropper” to get the exact color you want.



  • Need to search images by specific sizes on Google?
    Google Images > Search Tools > Size 


  • Did you know you can insert any pictures of any size on any layout you want on Canva?

Open Canva > Your custom dimensions > Elements > Grid > Drop your selected grid in your layout > Drag & drop your picture in the grid 

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 6.33.13 AM
The picture will fit in the entire layout, no matter what the size the picture is.


  • Need to replace an image in your word document? But, the image should take the same positions & size as the previous one? 

Double click on the image > Go to Format picture > Change picture> Browse & locate your image and bingo! It’s inserted in the same place as the previous image, at the same position & in the same size.

That’s it! Anyone not need help to understand those tips, feel free to comment! 🙂 

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