5 PC Building Tips You Should Know As A Newbie!

Let’s face it, for the experienced folks there are a lot of things that we consider as ‘obvious’ when building a gaming PC or just a PC in general but more often than not these tips aren’t explicitly mentioned causing some problems for the newbies. If you are one of them, then it’s time to keep these tips in mind before and during your PC building process. Let’s take a look:

  • Static: Static electricity, no matter how weak, is a potential cause of damaging the rather delicate circuits inside a motherboard. So, ditch the carpet and any surfaces that can gather static and put the motherboard on an anti-static surface too (the box your motherboard came in is a good option since cardboard obviously doesn’t conduct electricity). You can walk the extra mile by getting yourself an anti-static wrist band as well since they’re pretty inexpensive.


  • Wattage: If you’re buying top-of-the-line components but only go with a 350W PSU, you won’t be providing it with the power that it needs, thus affecting efficiency and quite possibly the health of components inside the PC too. Calculating wattage is as simple as going to a website like PC Part Picker and selecting the components to check the total power draw of the system and buying a PSU accordingly. A PSU that has 40-50% higher wattage than your current power draw is recommended so you can upgrade your system with more power hungry components without having to remove the PSU in the future.


  • Overclocking: Most newbies (myself included) always thought that overclocking was just an easy matter, something like a dragging a bar that would increase the frequency of the CPU but unfortunately it’s not. You’ll need the right gear like a K series CPU (for Intel processors) and a motherboard that supports overclocking. Your luck on the AMD side is much better as you can overclock any of them but only to a certain extent. It’s best to research the parts and see if they are capable of overclocking before making a purchase decision. Also, make sure to ditch your stock cooler and either get a third-party air cooler or a liquid cooler since the CPU temps can get high when overclocking.


  • Magnetic Screwdriver: Getting a magnetic screwdriver is a decision you won’t regret. Trust me when I say that even the most elite PC builders will drop a screw when unscrewing something in the PC and when that happens, a magnetic screwdriver can swiftly retrieve it from a place your fingers clearly can’t reach. Since the magnets in the screwdriver are pretty weak, you don’t risk shorting your board either.


  •  Pressure: This is the one problem I personally faced when building a PC and that is I was always applying as little pressure as possible because of the fear that I would break a component if I applied too much. If like me, you are a bit too cautious as well, don’t be, because that just might be the reason your PC won’t boot. Fun story: I spent 3 hours figuring out why my PC wasn’t booting when I first built it only to realize I didn’t plug in the CPU power on the motherboard as tightly as I should’ve.


Well I hope you guys liked these little but useful tips and hopefully these can help you build your first PC like a pro. Leave a comment if you have any tips that were helpful too and how your first PC building experience was!

Raza Vakil’s Bio:


YouTuber, gamer, website owner and a guy who uses words ending in ‘er’ to describe himself.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/razavakil

Twitter: www.twitter.com/raza_vakil

Instagram: www.instagram.com/vakilraza

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How to get past writer's blocks?

What is writer’s blocks ? 

I’m getting this very often now. I’m just writing & writing and boom! My mind goes blank and i can’t seem to think. It’s like no matter how much I force my brain to get me some ideas, it refuses to cooperate. 

The first time i got this blockage, i panicked. What was happening? I need to get this article done! This isn’t the right time to have a writer’s block.. 

Yeah.. it kinda sucks. But, it’s normal. 

I realized that it’s when I concentrate for very long time that I get this block in my mind. 

And, I figured out ways to get past this 🙂 

  • Don’t get frustrated 


Yeah, you’re bound to get frustrated inside knowing that you just cannot write. Where are all the ideas? The creativity? Why are not the words flowing?
But, seriously.. calm down since frustration isn’t gonna help here!

  • Get out from your screen


We spent most of our time in front of screens and this is so bad.. The moment you realise that your brain has stopped working, get out from the screen. Look somewhere else. Look outside. Just put your eyes away from your Mac!

  • Take a walk in nature 


When does your creativity flow more? Nature plays a big role in inspiring us, writers 🙂
The silence, calmness and stillness always help to clear out the mind and bring out new ideas.
So, go take

  • Write your ideas down 


You know words & creativity can hit us anytime; in the bus, at work, bathroom, on a freaking date! Writers can relate to that.
Jot down each time you get something in your head!
Journal! Write!
This will help with your writer’s blocks 😉

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What 6-Months on Instagram Taught Me

As an entrepreneur or a blogger, I am assuming that you are definitely on Instagram. It has become a must to be on almost every social media sites, so as to reach a wider audience. I associated my site to Instagram a long time ago, but was not using it correctly.
Six-months ago, I realised that if I wanted more traffic to my blog, I needed to use Instagram to my benefit.
Let me share the top six tips that I learned after six-months on Instagram!

The More you Post, the More your Followers Increase



This is a true fact! If you remain dormant on your instagram, no one will know that you exist. I started posting almost everyday, and each time I posted something on Instagram, I gained followers.
Like, I didn’t need to do much, people just followed.
Be very active on Instagram – According to the latest chart from Statista, right now there are 700 million users on Instagram.

Grab the opportunity to make your business known!

Hashtags Are Important



They sure are crucial when you post on Instagram. You cannot post without using the right hashtags.
Use Websta , the online Instagram Viewer to know what are the top hashtags trending. 
#love #life #photooftheday #likeforlike #happy 

I always use those in every post, they are always trending.

Also, every day has it’s own #hashtag that you can use.

#motivationalmonday #fridayfeeling #tgif #throwbackthursday #wednesdaywisdom

Don’t just use hashtags that you want, make a quick search on what are those that you could use to boost the engagement.

Time Posting Matters


According to analysis made, the correct time to post on Instagram is between 5pm and 7pm; on Wednesday & Thursday. Around 3pm and on Sundays, do not generate much engagement.
However, it is important to know when your audience is more active, depending on your time zone.
When I started using Instagram, I did some trials & errors to establish the best posting time.
My time zone is UTC +04 00 and, it turned out that the best time to post was after 5pm (Mauritian Time) and, the mornings weren’t a good time to post.

Repost Attract Followers 



Yep! Another true fact on how to gain more followers is to repost popular insta posts.
For example, as DC Comics fan, I was always re-posting pictures from CW for The Flash, Arrow among others. And, using the #repost #regram #cw hashtags and, this increased my followers.
This is so as you connect with people who share the same interests as yours and they feel a connection.

Join IGPods


I had no idea what IGPods are until, I was added in one and got connected with so many bloggers. IGPods are new but, they are an awesome way to get visibility for your posts.
They are like Facebook groups.
Each time you post something on your profile, you notify in the IGPod, which increases the engagement and visibility of your post.

SIX-Months & Six Tips on Joining Instagram!
Before I end this post, am sharing an article : Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Invested in Instagram (and So Should You!



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Top 6 Reasons why you should Blog! (The Ultimate Bloggers Course Inside)

I have been blogging since 2013 now, and blogging has now become a part of my everyday life. It started with a simple hobby, I used to write here and there whenever I feel like. I didn’t care about how many views my blog posts were getting or if there were visitors or not.
It was only a hobby.

Little did I know that blogging would play a big role in finding my passion.
Blogging isn’t just a hobby today or a simple thing. In today’s world. you’re going to find endless of bloggers around the world and, you may find it difficult or fear to start a blog and write to strangers.
Or, you may simply say that there are so many blogs out there, how can you compete with that?

I am going to provide you with 6-awesome reasons of why you should start a blog.
And, that’s not it… The Elysian Geek is bringing you “The Ultimate Bloggers Course” which will give you steps for your blogging path.


Why you should blog?

Showcase your Skills

Photography Ideas Creative Occupation Design Studio Concept

A blog is an excellent way to showcase your unique skills that you have. It can be photography, writing, or languages. Seriously, it can be anything.  I believe that everyone is multi talented. You can be an investor and, have awesome photography skills.
You would be surprised how your blog can be used as a portfolio for your resumé.

A blog makes you stand out from other candidates for a job interview. Recruiters google you before proposing a job interview. I’ve had recruiters asking what is it, that I have apart from academic stuffs.
A blog is an excellent way to demonstrate the creative side of yours.

Promote your Services & Products


You could be a stay-at-home mum and creating craftswork or you have a love for cooking. You are good at something and you know, that you can offer the best to your clients. Create a blog!
Write…and tell your potential clients why they should buy your products, what are you offering?
Blogging is a great platform to demonstrate your services and products. It expands your presence on the internet over a wide audience.

Blogging will get out of your Comfort Zone


Blogging is big step. Most people would just stay where they are, instead of getting out there. There is fear of rejection, of “what would people think”, of “what if it turned out to be a mockery”. It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and blogging, is a way to do it. When you put yourself, your words out there in a the vast ocean of internet, you are showing the universe that you indeed have the guts to do something different.

To keep up with the pace of the blogging world, it will force you to learn new stuffs and strategies.

And, it gets you closer to being extraordinary.

Connect with other Bloggers


Networking! I cannot tell you how many bloggers & entrepreneurs I have talked and connected with. It is so amazing to meet other people who are in the same path as yours; to share your blogging goals and raise up the vibes. You learn so many things and it contributes to growth. Listening to their success stories and collaborating is a wonderful feeling. And, it’s all around the world!
You get help, advices and you learn from people who are smarter than you.

Land your first freelance work


Yes, you can land up your first freelance work through blogging. Yes, you can earn through blogging. This is real 🙂
Freelancing is rising so much in the job market so, why not go with the trend?
Of no doubt, it is going to take time.
But, once you build an audience and your brand name is out there, you are going to get freelance work in no time.
Blogging is definitely a start !

Turn your Passion into a Business


I love this one – Turn Your Passion into Your Business.
How many bloggers have turned into entrepreneurs? And, they have been successful in it.
You may not have the intention to turn your hobby into a business. But, it can come.
The potential is in here.
Once you have self-branded yourself out there, have a wide range of followers, establish the basis of what services you want to offer & gain experiences, testimonials from being freelancers, you can do it.

Wow! It seems lot of work, doesn’t it?

Overwhelming? Where should you start? How to start? Or, you don’t know the A of Blogging?

Eva Ron brings you The Ultimate Blogger Blueprint to Success!

This course was designed to take you step by step and show you the way to create a successful and profitable blog.

What will you get from this?

  • How to plan to success!
  • Create Pillar Posts
  • Create your 1st Freebie
  • What is an Auto Responders and why it’s very IMPORTANT to have one before your blog gets any traffic
  • and much much more!!!

Who Is This Course For:

Beginner blogger: If you just created your blog and you created it in order to earn a living from it, but everything is new to you, this course will explain to you everything you need to know.

Overwhelmed: If you feel lost and overwhelmed and you feel like your head is spinning because you don’t know what steps you need to take to create a successful and profitable blog.

Just busy: If you have plenty on your plate at the moment, and you don’t have time to figure everything out by yourself (by doing research online).

Want a short cut: If you want to save yourself time and headaches by guessing the work.


    • Bonus #1 – Access to the private Facebook Mastermind group
      By purchasing this course, you will receive access to the Grow Your Blog Marketing Facebook Mastermind group. This exclusive group will help you connect with others who have taken the course so that you can learn from others, ask questions, get feedback, and my personal help.

    • Bonus #2 – 21 days 10 posts
      This helpful worksheet will guide you everything you need to do in 21 days in order for you to create 10 new blog post.
    • Bonus #3 – Facebook Promo Days list
      A list of more than 20 Facebook groups and their promo days. This will help you save a lot of time and trying to find relevant bloggers facebook groups!
  • Bonus #4 – 86 Freebie Ideas!
    Don’t know which freebies you can offer to your readers?! This list will make your life a whole lot easier! 🙂 All you need to do is choose your niche and pick the freebie that you would like to offer to your readers! 😉

What are you waiting for? Take the leap!

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4 Things to keep in Mind on your Entrepreneurship Journey

Don’t tell people everything



When you start getting the vibes for your business, the strategies and ideas just keep dropping down from the sky, and you start burning with that passionate Desire (yeah! You definitely know what i’m talking about) , you would want to share with other people or maybe, people will start noticing a change in you and ask what’s going on.

Know to whom you’re sharing your business stuffs, especially if you’re at the start.

It kinda sucks, but there’s always going to be people who will envy your success or even your will to get your dreams into reality.

Most people do not have the courage to follow their passion. Since, they have the fear of rejection or can’t get out of their comfort zone. And, when they see others moving up they will try to push them down. These are negative and toxic people. Stay away from negative vibes. Set your boundaries.

“Work in silence and, let your success be the noise.”

 Try. Fail. Learn. Try again. 



Maybe your first idea will fail. Or maybe, it will be freaking awesome. No matter what, you need to atleast try. And, learn from the mistakes. It’s okay to fail the first time. Take it as a lesson or an experience. People like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or the owner of PayPal didn’t became millionaire over their first try. Though you may hate those peeps or criticism, but they had the courage to not give up.
Someone who has a dream, and the courage to make it a reality is worth applauding.

“Just because it’s never been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”

Be grateful


Your entrepreneurship journey may not be a smooth line. Let’s be realistic – if it’s worth it, it will not come in an easy way. It will involve many unexpected obstacles or other things which will crop up unplanned. Or, you could still be in your 9-5 job and setting up your freelance business after office hours and during the weekends. This isn’t easy.

It is important to be grateful for every little things that you accomplished. It could be anything; you bought your domain, you bagged your first client. At the end of the day, do your small ritual : 

“What am I grateful for today”

This will keep your mind at ease and in peace. 

Celebrate your wins


Ahaaa.. why celebrate when we haven’t accomplish something big yet?
We should!

The small wins during your path are important. Give yourself a pat in the shoulder. Acknowledging your little wins will create a positive energy around you. And, your wins do not have to be material-based or money-based only.
You were having a hard time dealing with fears of rejection or procrastination, and you finally stopped doing that – yep, that’s a win!


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