4 Things to keep in Mind on your Entrepreneurship Journey

Don’t tell people everything



When you start getting the vibes for your business, the strategies and ideas just keep dropping down from the sky, and you start burning with that passionate Desire (yeah! You definitely know what i’m talking about) , you would want to share with other people or maybe, people will start noticing a change in you and ask what’s going on.

Know to whom you’re sharing your business stuffs, especially if you’re at the start.

It kinda sucks, but there’s always going to be people who will envy your success or even your will to get your dreams into reality.

Most people do not have the courage to follow their passion. Since, they have the fear of rejection or can’t get out of their comfort zone. And, when they see others moving up they will try to push them down. These are negative and toxic people. Stay away from negative vibes. Set your boundaries.

“Work in silence and, let your success be the noise.”

 Try. Fail. Learn. Try again. 



Maybe your first idea will fail. Or maybe, it will be freaking awesome. No matter what, you need to atleast try. And, learn from the mistakes. It’s okay to fail the first time. Take it as a lesson or an experience. People like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg or the owner of PayPal didn’t became millionaire over their first try. Though you may hate those peeps or criticism, but they had the courage to not give up.
Someone who has a dream, and the courage to make it a reality is worth applauding.

“Just because it’s never been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”

Be grateful


Your entrepreneurship journey may not be a smooth line. Let’s be realistic – if it’s worth it, it will not come in an easy way. It will involve many unexpected obstacles or other things which will crop up unplanned. Or, you could still be in your 9-5 job and setting up your freelance business after office hours and during the weekends. This isn’t easy.

It is important to be grateful for every little things that you accomplished. It could be anything; you bought your domain, you bagged your first client. At the end of the day, do your small ritual : 

“What am I grateful for today”

This will keep your mind at ease and in peace. 

Celebrate your wins


Ahaaa.. why celebrate when we haven’t accomplish something big yet?
We should!

The small wins during your path are important. Give yourself a pat in the shoulder. Acknowledging your little wins will create a positive energy around you. And, your wins do not have to be material-based or money-based only.
You were having a hard time dealing with fears of rejection or procrastination, and you finally stopped doing that – yep, that’s a win!


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Successful people & Mondays

It’s Sunday night and you check your social networks and, what do you see?
“Tomorrow is Monday” , “Sunday is over”, “Wish Monday never came” , “Why are you here Monday!” , “I Hate you Monday” , and this goes on with all types of memes and all.

I have grown up seeing almost everybody hating Mondays.

I take Mondays as the start of a new week to keep building my empire.

How do successful people react to Mondays? 

  • They go to sleep early on Sundays. 

Friday nights & Saturdays are meant to have fun, relax, meetup with friends and families. And, of course if you had a party during the weekend, it’s going to be difficult to wake up early after having overslept for those 2 days.
Successful people go to sleep early on Sunday nights because they are aware that both their body & mind need rest to be able to tackle a whole week properly.

Sleeping Girl on the bed

  • They don’t hit the snooze button & wake up early. 

Waking up isn’t hard. It’s all in your mind that you can’t wake up early. It’s all about waking with the sun!

morning coffee with city view in sunrise

“The world belongs to those who get up early” 

I believe that every successful person has a morning ritual before they set up on the day. It can be a morning walk, jogging or meditation.

  • They get involved on what’s happening in the world. 

Successful people know that there’s another world outside their work. And, after 2 days of rest, it’s time to get back to what is happening on earth.


They know that learning doesn’t stop here. In whatever field they’re, there is always something more to increase your knowledge.

  • They prioritise their work

Mondays are always like this : A mailbox full of emails, the full work schedule for a week, or even pending works from Friday.
Looking at all these get people’s stressed and increase their pressure and they are probably going to resemble like this:


Successful people prioritise their work. There’s lots of email? No worries, let’s respond to those in urgency and the rest can wait. They make a plan for the whole week of what need to be done first; when are the deadlines, what’s pending? A complete list to get organised!

Trust me – Planning really reduce stress & pressure!

Mondays don’t suck, your mentality does. 
Mondays aren’t that bad as all people think. It’s just in your way of thinking. 
Change your thoughts & you’ll not view the world in the same way. 

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