The Society & Us

I have a super big problem with our society. I’m gonna say it loud. I have a fucking problem with the way our society operates. So much of stupidity. So much of bullshit. So much of “so-called” rules.

Dear Society,

Let us live. Let us love freely.
It’s our life. Our only life. And, our life aren’t defined by your rules. Your rules no longer make sense now.
People are miserable because of your stupid way of thinking.

Creativity is a real thing. Writers, artists, singers are equally awesome as bankers, doctors and lawyers.

Stop holding academic grades over those kid’s heads. Who cares if they failed Maths? They are talented in writing. Then, let them write.
Stop trying to crush people’s passions and dreams. Let everyone follow their dreams.

Divorced people have the right to love & be happy again. They tried marriage and, it didn’t work. So what? They just were not with the right persons. They have the right to try again till they meet the right one.

And, yeah. Your most cruel rule: “Love should only be between a man and a woman.”
Get over it. Love is Love. Anyone can love anyone he/she wants.
Stop making lovers feel guilty and miserable for who they really are.

Some people have to wear masks everyday because the society cannot accept them for who they are.
For Fuck Sake, let people be who they want to be.
Let them do what they love.

Dear Society,
If people cannot live freely & be who they really are inside and outside, then you suck big time 🙂

Dear People reading this,
For Fuck Sake, stop giving a shit about the society. Go after your dreams, your love, your adventures irrespective of what other people think and say. We all deserve an extraordinary life. Stop living the life that the society has designed for you. You are worth much more than that.

Dear Society, 
For Fuck Sake, 
Let the world live & love the way it wants… 

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Happy Women's Day! Or Is It?

I know I’m late in posting this – but, who will care?

Happy Women’s Day

Every year, on the 8th March , the whole world celebrates this day as a respect to all the amazing women out there.

But, looking closely ~
I still see things happening which makes me question whether this is just a simple normal day with a tagline.

Women are still being whistled on the road…
They have to think twice before actually wearing that cute mini dress.

And,My dad still gets worried if it’s already dawn and I am not home yet.. As, we all know there are monsters on the road who just want to rob us our clothes.

The classic saga is still here after 25 years old, “it’s time to start looking for a husband” or, the wedding demands start pouring in like rain.
There is still that “OMG” expression when they hear that you are not proficient in cooking yet, because, you know you have been giving your time outside working hours to learning more skills & side projects.

But, who cares about that? 
Learn cooking – else what would your in-laws say? 😮

But, what I really wanna hear, what we all wanna hear is this –
“I love how far you have come on your career path” or,
“When are you building your empire”

Oh…and, then there are those women who don’t even know what is Women’s Day since, they are juggling between taking care of the kids and the home.

Imagine the high expectations imposed on the newly married bride…

So, who’s fault is that?
The society? The people? The Culturescape? The mentality?
Or, simply US? 

I don’t know why it is like this.
I just know that change comes from me, from you, from us.

And, on that day, I would like to say to all the women out there:

You’re freaking amazing.

And, you can do things that no one would have thought you could.

Learn to say “NO” to what doesn’t make you happy.

You have dreams. I Know.
Have the courage to pursuit them.

And, for once be Strong Enough to Put Yourself First.


Happy Women’s Day.

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The Mask

Sipping my hot chamomile tea at my favorite coffee shop – Coffee Vibes (yeah, I’m not really coffee person & they serve great tea also there) , I remove my specs and scanned my eyes through each corner of the surroundings.

I come here every sunday afternoon to write on my articles.
Plus, I just love their velvet cupcakes and macaroons.

I was more of an observer rather than actually using words..

My eyes stopped on that pretty blonde girl.
Frequenting Coffee Vibes so much made me remember the faces that visit the place every sunday.
They look familiar now, rather than strangers.

Pretty blonde girl is waiting for blue-eyed boy. It was their usual sunday date, except it wasn’t..
See, I caught a glimpse of his boyfriend with another woman last night at the club.

As she closed her eyelids slowly, I could feel the sadness taking over her. She Knows.
I felt a moment of despair as I saw the boyfriend pushing the front door of Coffee Vibes.
My gaze shifted to blondie, imagining the worst – a slap maybe? or loud cries?
And, my eyes were left in shock.

She was beaming from ear to ear, receiving her mate in a passionate embrace.

What just happened?

Ohh.. She put on her Mask… The Mask….

But why? Is it because of the money? Or she’s afraid? She thinks she’s not good enough to get someone else?

I shook my head hopelessly.


The Mask… Everyone has one..

And, everyone wears it at some point…

But, why? 

Are we afraid of our flaws? Are we afraid that the world will laugh at us?

It’s like that girl who takes so many selfies everywhere because she feels insecure about herself. But, the “likes” on social media makes her more confident.

Or, that someone who molds his personality & transform himself in a completely different person, so that he can be accepted in the group.

The mask… everyone has a mask.. so that they don’t feel rejected and be accepted by the “society”, their “tribe”..

But is it really your tribe if they are accepting your mask instead of your real self? 

What’s the use of having such a tribe, where you have to pretend to be someone else the whole time.. and, the only time when you can be yourself is when you’re alone.
That’s kinda lame.

It’s so rare to find someone who is letting his real self outside, with all the imperfections.

Yeah, I know showing your real self is going to cost you people in your life; maybe they will all leave and you’ll be all alone. Not, maybe.
They are gonna leave you.
But, trust me it’s worth it. 

Because, it’s only when the wrong people leave your life, that the right ones enter.
But, you gotta let go of the mask and JUST BE YOU!

Being you will push away all the wrong people in your life.

Be strong enough to walk alone & to wait for the genuine people, who will really love you with all your flaws.
It’s worth the wait.





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The TimeLine of Your Life ~ Stop Playing with It!

The Timeline of Your Life

What is that?

Did I mean the timelines that Barry Allen keeps changing? Am I talking about The Flash here?

Though I would love to dedicate a blog post to Grant Gustin, but today isn’t the day.
I am however using the concept of The Flash’s timeline here.

See, you all agree with me that there is a higher power out there, everywhere.. Some call him God, others the Universe, some the Higher Force or your intuition or that thing which is inside you.
But, it’s here.. Right?

I call it the Universe. 

The universe loves us, seriously it loves us & it always guides us, talks to us.
The trick is to listen carefully.

Most people spend their whole lives never actually listening to their intuition.
Then, they complain to the universe of why their lives are like this & why this other someone is lucky.

The universe wants the best for us.
Only the best.

But, the best doesn’t come easy.
If it was easy, it wouldn’t be called the “best”.

So, why is that very few people experience extraordinary love, utmost success in career and the rest is just exceptionally beautiful for them?
While most people just have a normal life?


Simple Answer.
They didn’t screw up the timeline of their life.
In other words: They didn’t settle for less than they deserve.

Let’s take an example:

Meet Jim.
And, since the universe wants only the best for him, Jim’s timeline would probably look like this.


But, what actually happens with most people is this:

The best doesn’t come easily, you need to show the universe that you’re not settling.
So, Jim waits for the career that he loves but then, the society starts to be a dick to him.

“Why is Jim still at home?”
“SO, you failed at your degree, that’s the reason why you are not getting any job?”

Now, if Jim says am not settling, the best is coming.
Then people say,
“you’re very stupid! who waits? This isn’t how things work! You need to accept what you get! Else, you won’t achieve anything!”

And, everyone starts making Jim feel stupid, weird and a loser.

And, poor Jim eventually give in & accepts that this how things work.
He need to accept any job, even if he knows he’s not going to be happy there.
So, Jim Settles.

When you settle, you send a message to the universe — something like this:

“Hey Universe! I’m gonna take this job because I don’t think I deserve the best. So, we’re good. You can give it to someone else”

And, the universe receiving your message LOUD & CLEAR, is definitely going to give the BEST to someone who is AWAKE to take it.

And, what happens to Jim?
The old usual shit.
“I hate my job”
“Mondays suck!”
“When is Friday coming?”

And, then Jim blames the universe – ask why he doesn’t get what he wants. He complains almost everyday.
Now, it’s the universe fault for the action that he took.

What’s the use Jim?
What’s the use of living on this earth if we’re not happy inside & outside?
It’s a complete waste of Life.

People find it hard to NOT settle.
They fear. Of how the society will label them.
They fear of “what if I end up like shit”

But, it’s actually a good thing that people like Jim doesn’t get the BEST.
See, if you are not patient, strong and have the balls to stand up for yourself, & stick up to knowing what you WANT,well how are you going to get the best?

You wanna grow up & succeed? Be willing to stand ALONE.

Am gonna leave this article with something that Michael Jackson used to do..
Michael used to get inspiration for his songs at 3 am. He used to wake up and just hear the words flowing in the head.
And, he used to call his manager at that time to tell him about it.
Manager: “Michael, it’s 3 in the morning. Let’s talk about this tomorrow”.
And, Michael would say, NO. THIS CAN’T WAIT.

I need to write this down NOW.
Else, someone else is going to get it.

The universe wants to give you the BEST & is doing it.
But, if you are not willing to make an effort, be strong and take it, the BEST is going to go to someone else who is AWAKE & ready to take it.


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