Silence and Love

Silence and Love

Love? The four-letter word which has the greatest meaning of life.
The society had taught us that love is that feeling between two people. There are so many quotes, wordings on love.
But, love goes beyond that.
Like, right now at this moment, I am feeling a surge of love for every living beings on this planet and everything in this universe.
For myself, for people, for the plants, for the animals, for nature and for the stars.
People reading this might think that I’m in love with someone; the reason why I’m writing about love.
Yes, I’m in love.
I’m in love with myself.
I’m in love with everything and anything.

Love goes beyond attachment, jealousy or the feeling of always wanting to be with someone.
We have been taught that loving ourselves is “selfish”. I strongly disagree.
The greatest love you can ever have is with yourself. It’s only when you’re full of love that you can give to others.

Look around you..
People hurt each other. They give out pain and toxic vibes. It’s only because they are not in love with themselves.
Because when you love yourself, you know that love is everything ❤️
You start feeling love with everyone and everything. It’s a deep connection.
Even when you don’t know that person, all you wanna give out is smile and love.


Like Rumi said –
“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

When you love from the soul, you never stop loving. Hate becomes a meaningless word – Neha 

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The Society & Us

I have a super big problem with our society. I’m gonna say it loud. I have a fucking problem with the way our society operates. So much of stupidity. So much of bullshit. So much of “so-called” rules.

Dear Society,

Let us live. Let us love freely.
It’s our life. Our only life. And, our life aren’t defined by your rules. Your rules no longer make sense now.
People are miserable because of your stupid way of thinking.

Creativity is a real thing. Writers, artists, singers are equally awesome as bankers, doctors and lawyers.

Stop holding academic grades over those kid’s heads. Who cares if they failed Maths? They are talented in writing. Then, let them write.
Stop trying to crush people’s passions and dreams. Let everyone follow their dreams.

Divorced people have the right to love & be happy again. They tried marriage and, it didn’t work. So what? They just were not with the right persons. They have the right to try again till they meet the right one.

And, yeah. Your most cruel rule: “Love should only be between a man and a woman.”
Get over it. Love is Love. Anyone can love anyone he/she wants.
Stop making lovers feel guilty and miserable for who they really are.

Some people have to wear masks everyday because the society cannot accept them for who they are.
For Fuck Sake, let people be who they want to be.
Let them do what they love.

Dear Society,
If people cannot live freely & be who they really are inside and outside, then you suck big time 🙂

Dear People reading this,
For Fuck Sake, stop giving a shit about the society. Go after your dreams, your love, your adventures irrespective of what other people think and say. We all deserve an extraordinary life. Stop living the life that the society has designed for you. You are worth much more than that.

Dear Society, 
For Fuck Sake, 
Let the world live & love the way it wants… 

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Can we get back to being strangers again?

Can we get back to being strangers again? Can we get back to just knowing each other again? Can we get back to the time you actually listened to me with intent and curiosity again?

That time when you listened to actually listen and not reply back. That time when you would not get frustrated about my late replies cause you were just grateful for our fun-filled talks. That time when there were no expectations, no being taken for granted… Relationships are weird. Us human beings, even weirder. We get attached, we expect, we get hurt. And when you get attached you expect me to get attached too. Else you get hurt. Oh so complicated, oh so weird.

Love is not about expecting but about giving I used to believe. Love is unconditional I used to believe. Loving a flower means not plucking it and just letting it be, I’d read. And I hold on to all of that. As soon as someone EXPECTS me to love them back, I cringe. But between my big philosophies and your small requests we got to find a way. Cause you do not ask for much. A little bit of my time, a little bit of validation, a need to know that the love is mutual… Because you are just human. Imperfectly, beautifully human. Cause in spite of my big philosophies I am just human too.  And it does happen that I wait for a message and get frustrated when it doesn’t come.

Love is nothing but a sharing of energy OSHO says. You have so much that you give. Love isn’t about need, love isn’t about expecting someone else to fill you up. Love happens when you’re yourself so filled that you overflow. Big philosophies again. Beautiful yet farfetched talks again. Maybe somewhere, someone’s healing touch can help. Maybe someone can make life just a little more meaningful, pain a little more bearable. But in the end, I believe we got to untangle our own issues before holding someone else’s hand. I want to be loved by someone who in no way needs me but just wants me. Here and now. And you are strong enough. With or without me.

Will you wait till we find that kind of love?  Or will you find someone who is as unsure as you? Your feet could be wobbly but you could hold each other’s hands. She will be glad that you care, she will not be overly philosophical; even though half-filled you’ll complete each other. That could be a beautiful love story too. I will very gladly let you go. I love you enough to want you to be free and happy. But in the meantime, I still ask: can we get back to being strangers again?


Written by Luckshmee Jeawon

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CJ English's Interview & GiveAway!

This is my first Author Interview and I am so excited!! Yay!

And, what is more awesome is that today, I have CJ English as my first author Interview.
One of my Favorites author!

For those who don’t know CJ:

C.J. English is an Amazon Kindle Best Selling Author in Love and Romance. She made her debut with the sexy and scandalous memoir AFFAIRYTALE which soared into the Kindle top 100 in five categories within thirty days of its release, #1 in Diaries and Journals.  C.J. lives happily ever after with the man of her dreams and their growing family. She is a lover of life and sushi, wine and wandering. C.J. is a passionate vegetarian and consistent rule breaker in writing and in life.


I remember the day I stumbled upon CJ’s website of AFFAIRYTALE. I just knew that I had to read that book!
The day after, I saw that there was giveaway for the book but, unfortunately I couldn’t enter the giveaway. I mustered courage and sent CJ a message on Facebook on how I so wanted to get lost in Affairytale.
The next thing I know: Affairytale was in my inbox!
Once I started reading, I just couldn’t put the book down.


I recall when I was having my me-time under the shower – my mind would wander to the memoir of CJ, asking questions whether she will end up with Grant or not, what will happen next….

It was that captivating of a story… I had to know.. 

“One sinful night,would change everything…. ~ Affairytale”

Let’s dive in CJ’s mind – The Interview


  • How long did it take to write Affairytale?

3 years. I was writing a weight loss book which eventually would be WTF Am I Supposed To Eat? A Dieters Manifesto, which will be release in November of 2016 when AFFAIRYTALE took over my mind and refused to let me work on anything else!

  • Did you always wanted to share your story with Grant? Is that what inspired you to become a writer in the first place?

I’ve always known I wanted to write. In college I knew that I wanted to write something that was “all mine” but I could never figure out what was worthy enough of my and the readers time. I toyed around with a few things, mostly in the weight loss/wellness field since that is what I was immersed in. I actually began writing a terrible manuscript I called “50 Ways to kill your husband.” It was a health book that illustrated all the daily things you could do if you wanted to slowly push someone toward their grave. Simple things such as, go get them an egg mcmuffin and frappuccino every morning for breakfast—that’ll speed up the death process or make sure to cook pasta in butter and cream every night for dinner (recipes included). Basically it was a what-not-to-do if you want to live a long time book. That was my first terrible start at writing and when I realized it was probably too over-the-top and weird and would never sell, I shut my laptop until I figured out a better spin. Which eventually became AFFAIRYTALE as I was writing a much better manuscript on weight loss, WTF am I supposed to eat? Out in November of 2016. 

  • How did your family and closed ones reacted when they read the book, knowing that it was your real story?

Not a single person in my family (except Grant and Dani, my daughter) knew I was writing or releasing AFFAIRYTALE. A few weeks before it was set to release and there was NO turning back, I told my brother Dylan, my mom and dad and Grant’s mom so they could be prepared. Of course at the same time I told them about the book, I had to divulge the title and premise which then let the cat out of the bag that he and I had been together much longer than any of them knew about.

They were all pretty shocked about the book and didn’t really know what to say or think. We all just kind of existed in silence for a few weeks. After it was released, within 30 days it had hit #1 in Diaries and Journals on Amazon. When that happened, everyone got behind me and the book and has been supportive ever since. Slowly, to my supreme embarrassment, my family, extended family and half my home town has read it. I’ve had nothing but encouragement and support and a lot of “that was the best book I’ve ever read and I hate to read!” or “I read it in two days, I couldn’t put it down.” The outpouring of support has been amazing and fueled me to keep writing. 

  • What is your favourite motivational phrase?

I can’t pick just one! I have favorites for all aspects of my life—career, parenting, marriage, friendships etc.. but specific to writing these phrases are written on the first page of my current journal. I read them every time I sit down to write. In this exact order...

Do you have the courage to be a writer?

All the good ideas feel daunting at first.

Be the weirdo.

When it’s for love, we will always do it anyhow.

No tears in the writer

No tears in the reader

No surprise for the writer

No surprise for the reader

-Robert Frost

If a ray of light came out of nowhere and said “your next book will NEVER be published.” Would you write it anyway? That is a book worth writing.

  • Who is your favorite writer or idol?

I love non-fiction. I love reading real stores about triumphs, or harrowing tales of tragedy and adversity where the human spirit has endured, rebounded. I loved reading Jane Goodall’s books about her time with the Chimpanzees in Gombe National Park, and John Krakauer’s Into Thin Air, the ascent to the top of Mt. Everest where many went up and few came back, Amanda Lindhaut’s A House In the Sky, an account of being kidnapped and taken to Somalia which she survived, In the Heart of the Sea, where survival required doing things unspeakable. I am currently reading Life, Love and Elephants, a beautiful, poetic story of the first woman to successfully rear an orphaned elephant. Real life is often more fascinating to me than fiction.

  • You followed your heart. You followed your dream and I really admire this. What would you say to people who find it hard to live up to what they really want?

There is no such thing as happiness when following your mind. The heart will always do what it wants anyhow…

“It was real. It was extraordinary. We both knew it” ~ Affairytale

  • What is your favorite movie?

The Note Book and… 50 First Dates

  • Something that you love other than reading and writing?

Paddle Boarding, going for long walks with my Golden Doodle, Hiking with my husband, visiting National Parks, reading to my two little kids, watching The Bachelor with my teenage daughter. 

  • Did you expect so many of positive reviews and to after become Kindle Best Selling Author?

In everything that I do my motto is hope for the best, expect the worst. That way my bases are covered. I hoped there would be a great response but I was prepared for disaster. I’m so glad it wasn’t disaster!

  • I’m currently writing a novel. I am only at the beginning. Do you have any suggestions to help me become a better writer?

I heard George R. R. Martin say in an interview that the only thing worth writing about is the human heart against itself. That always stuck with me. I have thought of the many books’ I’ve read and loved and how each of them has had this at their core in one way or another. As a reader, I am drawn into a story that is deeply emotional and conflicted, tormented, and find his sentiment to be true. 


Where you can keep in touch with CJ


One click Amazon here:

About Affairytale

#1 Amazon Kindle Best Selling Book in Diaries and Journals
Finalist, National Indie Excellence Awards 2016
Finalist, Readers Favorite Book Awards Non-Fiction Drama 2016
Finalist, Beverly Hills Book Awards 2015

If you liked Eat Pray Love and Wild, you will love AFFAIRYTALE.
“…a love story of epic proportions!”-Reading Escapade Book Blog
“The must read book of the summer.” -Making Me, Lifestyle Blog
“5 Riveting Stars!” -Coffee Addict Books
True Love always finds a way. Sometimes…it starts with an affair.

“I had an affair. The most forbidden and seductive affair, and fell in love.”

He was a rare gentleman, intelligent and gorgeous; a man every woman desired. Every cell in my body was telling me that he was my happily ever after.

I was stuck in a marriage of mediocrity, I ached for red silk romance and carry me away passion, but not with my husband. I craved Him. Living without him was cruel and unusual punishment, even for my wandering heart.

AFFAIRYTALE is a tantalizing memoir of sultry encounters, hidden grottos and secret hillside cabins. From the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes to the Southern shores of Maui you’ll fall in love with this tell-all memoir that pulls back the veil on infidelity and gives you rare look into hearts and bedroom of a real life extramarital affair.

Woven with original love letters and scandalous text messages, this engrossing true love story is sure to break then win your heart.

My Personal review:
“I wanted to embark in CJ’s world the moment I read about the reviews of the book. The true story of CJ captivates my whole mind as I dwelled into the pages of her life. The story was so addictive that I just couldn’t stop reading, I had to know whether CJ was going to get her love or not. Affairytale is proof that true love is worth the wait and is definitely the best memoir I have ever read.”


And, we have a giveaway for all book lovers out there!

This is my first giveaway guys, show me some more love & enter!!!

Simply leave a comment below, you’ll be entered in the giveaway!
The winners will be announced on October 23,2016.

“Thank you to CJ for accepting to be interviewed by me and to give me the honor to host the giveaway of Affairytale.
It means a lot to me that you are featured on my blog today! “

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Happy Monday!

It’s a public holiday in Mauritius today & I don’t know why, since I woke up am telling everybody that it’s such a wonderful Sunday 😛

Anyway, I just wanted to tell all my subscribers and all the people who will read this :

You are all wonderful, amazing & worthy! I wish you all the happiness of the world.
Virtual hugs to all!

#Love_From_Neha <3

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