Canva ~ A blogger's Life Saver

Canva: Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software

As its tagline goes by, Canva lets you create wonderful graphics on a platform within minutes and..the best part? It’s free!
Okay… not every graphic is free, but most of them are.. and those who are not , well.. they are just $1..


This is pretty awesome right?
As a blogger/ designer , we need graphics, templates and lots of visuals.. I used to struggle to find a platform where I could design my own stuffs… until I found canva!
I really love using canva. You have templates and layouts for everything; social media (Facebook, Instagram etc), newsletter, magazine , brochure, kindle cover, business card and the list goes on.
You can also create your designs as per custom dimensions and upload your own images.

Canva really comes in handy as it’s quick, so easy-friendly and simple to use!


I would recommend Canva especially if you are a startup blogger 🙂
I have been using Canva since I started using WordPress and, I’ve had no complaints since then.

The reason why I wanted to dedicate a blog post to Canva as, it is indeed awesome!

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What 6-Months on Instagram Taught Me

As an entrepreneur or a blogger, I am assuming that you are definitely on Instagram. It has become a must to be on almost every social media sites, so as to reach a wider audience. I associated my site to Instagram a long time ago, but was not using it correctly.
Six-months ago, I realised that if I wanted more traffic to my blog, I needed to use Instagram to my benefit.
Let me share the top six tips that I learned after six-months on Instagram!

The More you Post, the More your Followers Increase



This is a true fact! If you remain dormant on your instagram, no one will know that you exist. I started posting almost everyday, and each time I posted something on Instagram, I gained followers.
Like, I didn’t need to do much, people just followed.
Be very active on Instagram – According to the latest chart from Statista, right now there are 700 million users on Instagram.

Grab the opportunity to make your business known!

Hashtags Are Important



They sure are crucial when you post on Instagram. You cannot post without using the right hashtags.
Use Websta , the online Instagram Viewer to know what are the top hashtags trending. 
#love #life #photooftheday #likeforlike #happy 

I always use those in every post, they are always trending.

Also, every day has it’s own #hashtag that you can use.

#motivationalmonday #fridayfeeling #tgif #throwbackthursday #wednesdaywisdom

Don’t just use hashtags that you want, make a quick search on what are those that you could use to boost the engagement.

Time Posting Matters


According to analysis made, the correct time to post on Instagram is between 5pm and 7pm; on Wednesday & Thursday. Around 3pm and on Sundays, do not generate much engagement.
However, it is important to know when your audience is more active, depending on your time zone.
When I started using Instagram, I did some trials & errors to establish the best posting time.
My time zone is UTC +04 00 and, it turned out that the best time to post was after 5pm (Mauritian Time) and, the mornings weren’t a good time to post.

Repost Attract Followers 



Yep! Another true fact on how to gain more followers is to repost popular insta posts.
For example, as DC Comics fan, I was always re-posting pictures from CW for The Flash, Arrow among others. And, using the #repost #regram #cw hashtags and, this increased my followers.
This is so as you connect with people who share the same interests as yours and they feel a connection.

Join IGPods


I had no idea what IGPods are until, I was added in one and got connected with so many bloggers. IGPods are new but, they are an awesome way to get visibility for your posts.
They are like Facebook groups.
Each time you post something on your profile, you notify in the IGPod, which increases the engagement and visibility of your post.

SIX-Months & Six Tips on Joining Instagram!
Before I end this post, am sharing an article : Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Invested in Instagram (and So Should You!


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Wrath of Google for Website Design by Amit Mantri

Yes in Digital World, Google is considered as “Lord of Search Engines” but this may be a controversial statement as in China & Russia Google’s presence is negligible. These countries have their own search engine like BAIDU & YANDEX respectively which are quite popular. But in rest of the world as shown in below info-graphics on Search Engine Market share GOOGLE is the King. So let’s talk about only “LORD Google “right now. But before that just check these infographics of May 16:


If you happen to search, of course, Google search for phrase “Wrath of God” …the following definition of the bible is shown “The fact that God just means that He can and will judge between right and wrong and He will administer justice in accordance with His standards. “

Now let’s see what is Google’s mission “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.  To achieve this mission, Google constantly reinvents its algorithm to show the best useful and relevant content to its users.

“Voila”! There is a similarity between Wrath of God & Google’s mission statements. As God judges between right and wrong as per his standard so does the Google and if Google finds sin, the penalty is assured.

So what is Google Penalty?

In simple words, Penalty is the result of misdeed done by you on your website knowingly or unknowingly to get ahead in SERP based on the update in Google Algorithm. This penalty can make your entire SEO effort go for a toss. There are 2 types of penalties; manual penalties and algorithm penalties. In this guest blog I will limit myself to manual penalties pertaining to Web designing.

Google Algorithm: is it a Rocket Science?

As per Google “You want the answer, not trillions of web pages. Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want.” Click on the link and you will get how Google search performs.

Now let’s discuss on how Google penalizes you on Web Design aspect:

We will touch the negative aspect in a moment but Pls go through the checklist for Designing Website. Over here I have tried to jot down how a good website can be designed .In spite of all the precautions we take but due to constant tracking by Google it becomes important to avoid being getting penalized.

Pls go through this Info-graphics and it will clear the air on Google Penalties for Web Design.


At last, I would conclude with following note, Pls make a user-friendly website and not for any search engine. User has to be satisfied in all respect as he is at the core of SEO. If the basic principle is followed than SEO will show its organic results and there would be no   “WRATH OF GOOGLE”.


I thank the owner of for giving me an opportunity to do a guest post.


Amit Mantri

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