Why we should all learn from Minions?

Minions have a great sense of humour


Laughing is the best therapy and Minions teach us that with their humoristic behaviour and cutest laugh. Even in the most serious situations, they know how to keep their sense of humour.

Minions are very creative


Minions are always creative in everything they do. They never lacks innovative ideas. Creativity is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Minions love life


Minions appreciate every little things in life. they find happiness in everything they have, like “bananas” . They just need a banana to be happy!


Minions never give up


Minions have willpower. Each time they lose their boss, they never give up and are always ready to find a new evil boss. There’s nothing which can stop them from achieving what they want.


Minions are loyal 


One should learn the word “loyalty” from the Minions. They will always be faithful to their community, friends and their boss.

Work hard, Party harder with the Minions


There’s no doubt, Minions are very hard working. Whether it is to find a new boss or steal the crown of the Queen, Minions are very devoted to the task allocated to them.

Minions knows how to party and have a good time. They remind us no matter how stressful life is, we should always have time to enjoy life.


Like I always say, “If you want someone to smile, give him a Minion”

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Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook has introduced a new marketing tool namely, the Facebook audience insights which allows to have a detailed information about your population. It is really helpful in the sense that you get to know more about your target audience and reach out to them in a more interactive way.

First, head to facebook.com/ads/audience_insights.

You can choose from the two options:

  • People on Facebook (the general Facebook audience)
  • People connected to your Page or event


(click on the image to have a bigger view)

I choosed everyone on Facebook since I don’t have a specific page.

FireShot Screen Capture #005 - 'Audience Insights' - www_facebook_com_ads_audience_insights_people_act=1146000292206385&age=18-&country=MU (973x1280)

(click on the image to have a bigger view)

From the images below, the complete demographic profile of Facebook users in your country are shown. The demographic profile include the Age and Gender, Lifestyle, education level, Relationship Status and Job Title.

From the sidebar, the location, age range and interests can be changed.

The Facebook audience insights is very useful, especially when you are advertising a product or service via a Facebook page. For example, in the “Activity” section, it provides you a detailed indication on how frequently your target audience are logging onto Facebook and on what devices they are doing so.

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The Art of Photography

Photography , that word which always excited me upon hearing. I always wanted to learn photography as a hobby , it was something which was always a keen interest for me.

Photography , is it an art ? a science? or just a tool to capture memories?


For me , photography is an art of capturing the moments of life and putting them in a creative way. Anybody can take photos , it just takes 5 seconds to click , but , presenting these photos and  in a way that their beauty becomes in the forefront is an art. Adding colours , lights , shades , adjusting the pictures , contrast , brightness forms part of photography.


images (1

It is not just about taking pictures , it is what you do after with the images.  The picture of a newborn baby and his mother or a dog feeding its puppies ; how to express those moments and feelings in the deepest sense is an art.


Looking forward to form part of this creative art form soon 🙂

QUOTE ~ “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
Ansel Adams

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LUGM meetup

I reached Ebene Accelerator at about one o’clock where the meetup was to be held. Ish, Nitin , Logan and Pawan were already there.

images (1)

By 13hr30 everything was set up for the presentations. Pawan, Ajay and Nadim set up some gadgets to record and photograph the presentations.


The first part of the presentation was done by Logan where he talkes on OpenSSH v6.5. He explained what is OpenSSH and what are the features associated to it. OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on. OpenSSH is developed by the OpenBSD Project.During the presentation,there were some questions asked by the audience. Logan talked about a new  key format, called the  Ed25519 and the ChaCha20 cipher and he gave a small demo on both of them. Logan ended his presentation on some words about the donation to the OpenBSD project 🙂

The second presentation was by S. Moonesamy  on the topic “What if .mu was in Mauritius? “.
This was an interesting debate as it involved the participation of almost everyone. He made some statistics on the loading time taken by websites and it was found the the Defi Plus took the longest time to load. SM asked us to joining a mailing list where the problems, solutions , views and opinions could be discussed. I really like this presentation as it was real facts debated on. Some websites really take much time to load and sometimes they don’t even load.


After that Darshini and I had to leave while the geeks continued their questions ans answers sessions. It was really an awesome meetup 🙂

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Learning about LPI

LPI? What is LPI?
I heard Ish saying about this a few times, so darshini and I wanted to have more information about this. We met Ish at Mugg & Bean as usual so that he could enlightened us on certain aspects and clear our doubts.


Ish made us part of the most essential facts to know about the LPIC, such as there are 3 levels in that and that each level constitutes of two papers each.

When I reached home, I made my little research about the LPIC. So, LPI is the Linux Professional Institute to certify IT professionals using the  Linux operating system.

The first level, LPIC-1 is for the Junior level linux certification.

The second level, LPIC-2 for Advanced Level Linux Certification.

The third level, LPIC-3 for Senior Level Linux Certification.

Also the LPI is partnered with OpenSuse and CompTIA.

It is interesting and this is a way to start grasping more knowledge about Linux.
I think its time to get to serious work 🙂

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