10 Technical SEO Terms for Bloggers Explained


I’m going start this post by saying it’s a total pleasure to guest post for The Elysian Geek.  A big thank you for affording me this opportunity.  My usual shtick over at my humble virtual abode, is delivering content about blogging and social media tips.  I’d like to stick with this theme.  Today I will be dissecting 10 Technical SEO terms for Bloggers.

A lot of the time these SEO terms can feel extremely over facing and complicated at first glance.  I know when I initially started researching all things SEO for work, I was VERY confused.  Every course I completed, or article I read about SEO, consistently had these weird terms with no explanation attached to them.  I was constantly having to leave what I was reading or studying to look up meanings elsewhere.

It was frustrating as heck! 

This is the kind of post that I wish I had to hand at the start of my journey.  So, I’m hoping this list will help you along yours!

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What is being strong?

self love

What is being strong?

It’s okay to feel down. It’s normal to feel anxiety. It’s okay to feel sad.

Because, even the strongest people do feel fear or stress at one point in their life.
Afterall, we are still living in our human body & experiencing all types of emotions 😉

This post is for all the tough people out there; who have come out stronger and are radiating light and love on a daily basis.

I know people who are very powerful in their mind and have moments of confusions or stress. Those moments may be for seconds or minutes, but they do experience them. Even I do.

The last time I had a tingle of anxiety or confusion, I beat myself up; saying that I’m strong and I have inner joy so, why am I experience this kind of emotion over this particular issue. Maybe I am not as strong and happy as I think I am.

This is the first reaction that came into my brain.
And, then as you might have guessed, all those self doubts started to invade my mind.
My mind started over-analyzing and overthinking everything.

So, I had to take a step back to not get caught up in this web of confusions that my mind was experiencing.

Because, you know what? Even the strongest people have doubts sometimes. They experience failure. They have fears. They have anxiety or stress about specific stuffs. Those moments are rare and short. But, they do experience them.

And, that does not make you weak. Those moments are not here to tell you that you are not strong enough yet.
They are here to make you more powerful.
Whenever you feel like this, take a step back. Take some time for yourself. Do more of the things that you love & which set your soul on fire. Your energy is going to shift in the most incredible way 🙂

Every single person on this earth experience sadness or anxiety or stress and disappointments. How you react to those defines your strength. Feel the fear. Feel the anxiety. But, do it anyway!

Because, you know you can and you know that you deserve the best. And, you will!

The universe has your back.


Trust. Believe. And, keep moving.


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What Causes A Bad User Experience (UX?)

ux design

A user looks for simplicity and a clear navigation path on a website. Your users are unlikely to stay or do business with a site if they don’t get a good user experience. People often confuse themselves with user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) though they both are completely different terms.

User Interface is the UI design of a website, application or a software whereas user experience is how the products feel and what experience your users get. UI design focuses on what the interface looks like with the ideal arrangement of elements on the screen of a website whereas the goal of user experience is to delight the customers by the fast functioning website while also letting people interact with the site smoothly.

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Solo Time

solo time

Solo Time or Me Time, if you prefer…

Solo Time has been around us for quite a long time but what is it?

I remember the first time I had my solo time at a coffee shop. Our society has constructed the lives of people in a specific way that, if someone goes out of this certain “societal rules”, he or she is considered as weird.

I was at this coffee shop, where each table was accompanied by couples or group of friends or family. Either way, no one was ‘alone’, except me 🙂

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