Hello Love!

Happy Women’s Day!

I know we don’t deserve respect, love and kindness only on the 8th March of every year but, since it’s Severn OUR day – let’s make it a special one.

This is for the woman who has held powerful dreams in her eyes for a very long time. The woman who wished she could do more for her soul every single day. This is for the woman who secretly hopes that she will have more courage to love herself one day and let go of the people and things which no longer serve her.

If you are that woman, then I need to tell you this –
Darling, you are already good enough.

Your passions matter. Your dreams are not silly, as your entourage claims. You are already so beautiful both inside and outside – you Hérouville-Saint-Clair DON’T need to change anything about yourself. Your hair is amazing. Your figure is awesome.
Don’t change anything about you.
You are full of flaws. And, so are we. And, we love our flaws. You just need to find your soul tribe who will accept you the way YOU are.

Now, I know that it hurts when people don’t believe in you. You feel discouraged when the society tells you that you cannot turn that dream and that passion into goals and reality. And, eventually with time you forget about that thing you wanted to create. That amazing thing you wanted to build with all your love and your passion.

Magic happens when you don’t give up even though you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.

You can create wonderful things that others have only dreamt of. Most people do not have the audacity to say “NO” to the stuffs that they don’t want to do. And, I know that deep inside you want to say “YES!” only to the people and things that really matter to your soul.
It’s going to take time but, there’s nothing that you cannot achieve.

I am here to show you that you CAN do it. Girl, you CAN and you WILL.

I have brought together women who have defied societal rules and fought for what they believed into. They are here to show you that it can be done if you believe in yourself. We are here to empower and inspire you to love yourself more. To go after what you truly believe in. To learn to say “NO“.
And, that you are not alone. We are in this together!

Your belief in yourself should be much greater than their words about you.

And, Love... they are Girls JUST Like You... 

I am Woman.
Hear me Roar. Let our voices be heard, so it may empower others.

Beatrice Mangar ~ Founder at Mademoiselle Nomad blog and BrandSalt LTD
“Whatever you do, you’ll get some people who’ll love you for it, and others that will criticize you for what you’re doing. Therefore, you might as well live your best life and be who you want to be. You’re meant for great things in this life – you just have to believe it.”

Luckshmee Jeawon ~ Journalist at Objectif Santé
If you were absolutely free, what would you do ? Do just that. Because truth is, you are free and can reach out for what you want. And when you do, take your clumsiness, fears and insecurities with you. You don’t have to be perfect ; just genuine.

Anne Rajoo ~ Founder of Nanu Handicrafts
“Keep the end goal in mind and take small steps at a time. Always surround yourself with people who lift you up, not put down. Your imperfections are part of your charm!”

Valerie Pilot ~ Founder of mysurpriseboxmauritius
“Be very patient, pugnacious and do not seek the approval of people around you; just do what you have always wanted to do!”

Priya Ramkisson ~ Founder of Imiloa Collective
“If you can accept your setbacks as challenges and your failures as guidance, then nothing can deter you!”

Farah Luttoo ~ Founder of Maurimade
“Do not be afraid to invest your time and energy into something that you love doing; in the long run, it will pay off.”

Celia Pang ~ Founder of Dreamdoodle
“No matter how hard your failures, you should remember to love what you do and never stop to keep on trying.”

Daphnée Kwong Waye ~ Blogger at D. K. Waye
“There’s a common advice that people in our society often give to women and that is: if you wanna be rich, just marry a millionaire lah! So how about we, women, reply: we’ll become the millionaires instead!”

Noora Bayjou ~ Founder of Sekoia
“I believe we have to learn how to support one another, truly support. It’s not always blindly cheering on through the good and bad, sometimes support is also letting a sister know when she’s in the wrong.”

Dolores Semeraro ~ Founder of Travels and Retreats
“Never stop believing in yourself, especially when you are an entrepreneur and never stop learning.”

Khandini Rajmun Goraya ~ The Minimalist Style Coach
“Embrace the real ‘YOU’ & OTHERS WILL DO! Get a clear vision of who you want to be & work hard for it. Be ready to walk on thorns and be unstoppable! It’s time to rise & shine women!”

Neha Bahadur Patel ~ Travel Content Creator at Neha Style Diaries
Today women are on par with men and are capable of achieving greater things. The message needs to go to each and every women who invest and believe in themselves and perform the unachievable. Recalling a famous quote from Brigham Young, “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation”.

Saamiyah ~ Content Creator at Worldadventures Mauritius
“Don’t be afraid to upgrade your life whether it’s starting your own business or hustling on residual side economy. Outgrow people and manifest YOUR VISION – Be fierce, unstoppable and a freaking force of nature!”

Cynthia Chellamootoo ~ Founder of Mo’Mandala
“Take a deep breath, open your eyes and look around..women are strong and are not alone! We only live once and no matter your age, the colour of your skin, the size of your body – all that matters are your dreams and passions. We have to make the most of this life!

Chelly Ravanne ~ Founder of Zoli Tresse
“Go after what you really want, to trust your guts and, to believe in yourself simply because the time that you waste never comes back to you and that you can always start where you are while keeping in mind that what’s important is not where you start but where you finish! And, on top of that to remember that every time you quit, someone else gets the prize. So you better get up and start working for yourself because at the end of the day, it’s all about you and what you want to create for yourself.”

Tasha Ayancanou ~ Founder of The Lovely Brunette
” Women are strong, resilient and compassionate. We are also human beings. We can’t do it all. It is ok to fail. It is ok to doubt. Reach out for help and support in difficult times. It may be uncomfortable but instead, on moving on from the challenges, you will grow stronger roots to face what comes forward.”

Darling, you are more than awesome. Just never stop believing in yourself even if the world doesn’t believe in you.
Fall in love in yourself as the biggest relationship you will ever have is the one with you!
Cherish your dreams. Pamper yourself. Believe. And, just DO IT!

I am so grateful and touched by all the amazing women in Mauritius who agreed to take part in #GirlsLikeYou and share their inspiring messages to empower other women.

Happy International Women’s Day 2019!

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