Learning about LPI

LPI? What is LPI?
I heard Ish saying about this a few times, so darshini and I wanted to have more information about this. We met Ish at Mugg & Bean as usual so that he could enlightened us on certain aspects and clear our doubts.


Ish made us part of the most essential facts to know about the LPIC, such as there are 3 levels in that and that each level constitutes of two papers each.

When I reached home, I made my little research about the LPIC. So, LPI is the Linux Professional Institute to certify IT professionals using the  Linux operating system.

The first level, LPIC-1 is for the Junior level linux certification.

The second level, LPIC-2 for Advanced Level Linux Certification.

The third level, LPIC-3 for Senior Level Linux Certification.

Also the LPI is partnered with OpenSuse and CompTIA.

It is interesting and this is a way to start grasping more knowledge about Linux.
I think its time to get to serious work 🙂

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Linux Festival 2013

The Event

The LinuxFest 2013 turned out to be a great event and it was the eve of my birthday also 🙂 I had never participated in such a Linux event . The Infotech 2013 was a foretaste to this as i had to demonstrate Linux to the public there.

We started the event some time around 10.30. Darshini and I were supposed to be hosting the event but unfortunately, we had exams on that day. So, we joined in the festival afterwards and the members of the computer club replaced us in doing the announcements at the beginning.  So after our exams ended at 11.30, we reached the Octave Wiehe Auditorium and we took over to hosting the event.


We had some real fun backstage and there was a time when Ish was doing his presentations and I asked him :
“Ish, are you high?”…

So the Presentations were done as follows :

Expansion of Linux & Android by Avinash Meetoo

Running Windows applications on Linux by Jochen Kirstätter
Skills needed for a Unix System Admin & open source in our current IT industry, by Nitin Bachraz
MSCC & Development on open source platforms by Nirvan Pagooah & Nayar Joolfoo
openSUSE Project / openSUSE Advocate Program by Ish Sookun
BSD & Linux by Eldergod Sælvøn
Presentation of Kali Linux by Nitin J Mutkawoa
Linux Mint for daily activities by Nadim Attari

After all the presentations, we invited everyone in the lobby for a Linux demonstration. Ish and Ajay installed Linux on the students’ laptops.

At the end of the day it turned out to be a great event to everyone’s satisfactions 🙂

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Infotech 2013

Never thought that one day I would participate in Infotech, but it turned out to be pretty awesome 🙂

So, I had to meet with the geeks at the University of Mauritius. When I reached, everyone was already here, Ish, Darshini, Nirvan and there were the members of the computer club. Ish was discussing the LinuxFest with them when Pawan and Antish arrived.

So, we headed to the Infotech at around 10hr30. We then rushed to the NCB stand and Ish started putting everything into place . Ajay then reached afterwards and gave us its camera to capture those moments. So, me and Darshini kept clicking photos here and there. While heading to the foodcourt, we did got a look about Ish’ geek girl !  Hehe 🙂

Darshini and I did some demo about Linux to the public. People were quite impressed about Linux as its new to them and they were keen to learn more about this. So we invited them to the Linux Fest 2013.

Darshini and I left early as we had some stuffs to do, but it was a wonderful day 😉

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Open day at Linkbynet 2013 + Linux Meet up

I reached Linkbynet by 9 am together with Darshini and Pawan for the open day 2013. I called Ish to inform him that we have arrived only to hear that he was not coming and he did informed me that on the eve. But, as usual I didn’t check my Facebook.

So, we met with Mr Kaviraj there who made a presentation about Linkbynet. I got to learn pretty good stuffs about the organisation like it aims to meet the expectations of its customers using IT tools such as Microsoft, Linux, Mc Afee amongst others. Virtual machines are also being used such as VMWare. Linkbynet  is specialised in servers, applications and security. Nissan, Renault and other big companies are clients of Linkbynet.
After wards we made a visit around the organisation at the 7th and 8th floor with Kamal. Then Orellie Parsooramen talked to us and we dropped our cv and headed to PR School of Management and Education (PRSME) where the LUGM meeting was being held.

We got lost looking for PRSME but eventually found it in time 😉
We met  Abdallah Yashir who is a Database Administrator at Spoon Consulting. Ish showed up after some time with Natasha and Avinash Seetaram. in few minutes, the mini conference room was full of geeks including Yuram, Avinash Mayaram, Hasvin and Nitin Bachraz. Nitin Bachraz is Ish’s manager at Orange Business Services and he talked about stress management.

So, while waiting for Nitin Mutkawoa who was bringing a Pizza, Ish told us how he installed Cinnamon 2.0 on openSUSE 13.1 and Yuram explained to us about dmesg, ps and top to analyse memory usage.

Indeed, it was an awesome day learning about Linkbynet and grasping knowledge about Linux stuffs 🙂


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