Zoli Bloguettes at Miss Daisy Bistrot

#Zoli Bloguettes

Yes! That’s the name of our group which has regrouped all the lovely bloguettes of Mauritius.
And, we had our first meetup yesterday 🙂

A big thanks to Lovely Brunette to bring all of us together. It was amazing to meet the bloguettes of Mauritius.

Our #zoli Brunch 😋

zoli bloguettes 

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À Nou al boire du thé dans Bois Chéri !


Mauritius, they say it’s paradise on earth!

With sandy beaches, magnificent sea views and tropical life, Mauritius is all the kind of retreat island where everyone wants to go at least once.

I love being in nature and away from the crowd. Nature just helps me to connect more with myself and the universe. And, I wanted to share one of the places that I really love going once in a while. Also, I love photography! So, I wanted to share the pictures in this article.

Le Bois Cheri Restaurant


I took that picture when I went to Bois Cheri the second time with my family. The first time I discovered this place was with my best friend and we had an amazing time there by just admiring this natural beauty.

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Spread Love

spread love

This post is not intended to hurt anyone’s views about the society. We respect your opinions, your mindset and your way of living. But, we have a different view about the society and someone has to speak up. Any racial, discrimination and negative comments will not be tolerated on this website. If you think we are crazy and would like to fill up this post with hate comments, please unsubscribe. It will save both of us time and energy.

Spread Love

Sometimes, I feel suffocated within the society that we live in.
The rules and contexts of the society, I just don’t get it.

But, the society is made up with people. And, if people don’t change, then how can the society change?

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Until Daddy by Measha Stone


Carissa knows the score when it comes to relationships. They don’t last. Sure, they’re good for some fun in the short term, but that’s all. Fun. There shouldn’t be any exceptions, not even for Jamison Croft, but he’s not an easy man to shake. He blasts through every brick she lays.

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Web Development Costs

Thinking of building up an online presence sounds appealing and good, but it is not easy and incurs a good amount of cost. Website designers in the phase of designing a website typically focus on programming and design while there are additional costs that occur which needs to be considered as they are supportive costs that develops your website.

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