The Road to Success..

Success.. What is Success? What is it for you?

Is it how the society has defined it since ages and people have been following this “definition” blindly..?
Is it how the rest of the world sees it and imposes it on us?

Or maybe success is what recruiters tell you – the direction that they steered you in..
“oh.. you know.. when I was your age, I’d take any job that I would get and persevere in it”

That is Success to you? 

I beg to differ..

Success is what you want; deep inside.. what is your intuition saying? What’s your passion? What is it that YOU want to do?

You are trying to follow your dream career; but then you keep failing.. and you give up..
Or, people start talking how crazy and silly you are for getting out of the comfort zone.. the safety net.. the secure job!
And, you give up!

Look around you.. How many people are truly happy in their job? How many really.. like fuckingly love their job?
Job? That’s not even the right word..

But, those people will stay in their job. They will never move. Because they are scared. Scared of starting over again. Scared of getting out there; outside the safety net. So,they complain.

So, isn’t it better that you are out there trying and failing; instead of not trying at all like the rest of the world?

Billionaires didn’t become billionaires just like this.
They tried. They failed. They believed. They fucked the society.
They took actions on their dreams. Their goals.
They fucked the society all the time.
And, they worked towards their ambitions.
Not giving up just because the rest of the world called them crazy.

Don’t let anyone define Success for you.

You create your own success; in the way you want.
You can.
And, it will happen.


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It's Time To Really Wake Up & Live

Two-months back, I got a big break for my career – a new responsibility.
It was awesome; it was what I wanted, a new challenge so that I could push myself to being limitless.

So, I told myself that I would give my everything to learning this new role and be awesome in everything…

I indulged myself into trainings and shadowing and learning everything about my new responsibilities. I was always on stress & tension because I didn’t want to screw things up. For two whole months, my work became my everything. I stopped doing my other things like writing, going on adventures; you know things that actually bring you inner happiness.
It was like this because I thought that if I dedicated my mind to something else other than this new role, this would disrupt my focus and decrease my productivity.
Eventually, as time passed by, my work took over my mind and my creative side got blocked. I felt zero connection with the universe and like my intuition stopped talking to me.
So, basically it was like my left side of my brain took over my mind and my right side got lost.
But, I said, it’s fine, the creativity will come back. This new responsibility is much more important than anything.

I kicked ass at work, I worked hard, I worked smart, for very long hours.
And, I proved myself & to everyone that it was not a bad decision to take me for this new role.

I felt good about myself that I have achieved this…for like 5 minutes. Then, I felt like complete crap.

Yups, I felt like shit 🙂

Why? Because looking back over those two-months, I saw myself grinding and working my ass off to impress the boss and not let anyone say that I wasn’t good enough for the role; which I accomplished.
But, I also lost weight because I was always skipping lunch to get the work done; I felt physically & mentally tired; I became to a point that I no longer wanted to look at my computer screen and I was waiting to the weekend to sleep..
Yeah… I became like the rest of the world.. zombies.. I had stopped living, I was only EXISTING.

Sure, I got more bucks – awesome.. getting more money is always awesome.. but, for what ?

For Fuck’s sake.. for what?

Yayyy.. I got more bucks and more responsibilities at work, but I was no longer inline with the vibration of the universe. I no longer loved myself.

That sucks.. like real bad..

I looked at some of my colleagues; when I first started working, I said – Nopes, am not gonna end up like them, people who work for the weekends. But, I did become like them..

And, all of a sudden, I didn’t like who I’ve become.. That’s not good at all..

We have to balance our life.. Work.. Career.. Money.. it’s awesome to have those in life.. But, the other aspects of our life are important too.. Health, experiences, connection, friendship, love..
What’s the use of having a little more money in life if we don’t have life experiences? If we do not have someone real to come back home to? Or, simply we neglected our health and now, we look like crap?

It’s not worth it.. 🙂

We can’t just give Only ONE aspect of our life our everything.
We have to give & receive in all aspects of our life..

Don’t say, let me work a lot this year, then next year when I have so much of money, then I’ll start living life like I want.. How do you know you gonna live till next year?

Start balancing.. Start to celebrate all your little wins, and not wait for the big ones to pop up the champagne… Go on that nature walk.. Stop saying “I have to work tonight, I’ll go out with my friends next week” and then, you never get the time & energy to actually go out.

It’s time to stop existing & really Live 

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5 PC Building Tips You Should Know As A Newbie!

Let’s face it, for the experienced folks there are a lot of things that we consider as ‘obvious’ when building a gaming PC or just a PC in general but more often than not these tips aren’t explicitly mentioned causing some problems for the newbies. If you are one of them, then it’s time to keep these tips in mind before and during your PC building process. Let’s take a look:

  • Static: Static electricity, no matter how weak, is a potential cause of damaging the rather delicate circuits inside a motherboard. So, ditch the carpet and any surfaces that can gather static and put the motherboard on an anti-static surface too (the box your motherboard came in is a good option since cardboard obviously doesn’t conduct electricity). You can walk the extra mile by getting yourself an anti-static wrist band as well since they’re pretty inexpensive.


  • Wattage: If you’re buying top-of-the-line components but only go with a 350W PSU, you won’t be providing it with the power that it needs, thus affecting efficiency and quite possibly the health of components inside the PC too. Calculating wattage is as simple as going to a website like PC Part Picker and selecting the components to check the total power draw of the system and buying a PSU accordingly. A PSU that has 40-50% higher wattage than your current power draw is recommended so you can upgrade your system with more power hungry components without having to remove the PSU in the future.


  • Overclocking: Most newbies (myself included) always thought that overclocking was just an easy matter, something like a dragging a bar that would increase the frequency of the CPU but unfortunately it’s not. You’ll need the right gear like a K series CPU (for Intel processors) and a motherboard that supports overclocking. Your luck on the AMD side is much better as you can overclock any of them but only to a certain extent. It’s best to research the parts and see if they are capable of overclocking before making a purchase decision. Also, make sure to ditch your stock cooler and either get a third-party air cooler or a liquid cooler since the CPU temps can get high when overclocking.


  • Magnetic Screwdriver: Getting a magnetic screwdriver is a decision you won’t regret. Trust me when I say that even the most elite PC builders will drop a screw when unscrewing something in the PC and when that happens, a magnetic screwdriver can swiftly retrieve it from a place your fingers clearly can’t reach. Since the magnets in the screwdriver are pretty weak, you don’t risk shorting your board either.


  •  Pressure: This is the one problem I personally faced when building a PC and that is I was always applying as little pressure as possible because of the fear that I would break a component if I applied too much. If like me, you are a bit too cautious as well, don’t be, because that just might be the reason your PC won’t boot. Fun story: I spent 3 hours figuring out why my PC wasn’t booting when I first built it only to realize I didn’t plug in the CPU power on the motherboard as tightly as I should’ve.


Well I hope you guys liked these little but useful tips and hopefully these can help you build your first PC like a pro. Leave a comment if you have any tips that were helpful too and how your first PC building experience was!

Raza Vakil’s Bio:


YouTuber, gamer, website owner and a guy who uses words ending in ‘er’ to describe himself.




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Free & Simple Social Media Tools To Boost Your Presence!

Everybody pretty much knows that social media is a really important strategy to gain and retain online audiences. Whether you have a blog or you’re selling an online product, social media is a must for your business. There are many platforms you can use depending on your type of business and the kind of audience you’re trying to attract. It can get very time consuming to post everyday. You also need to be very strategic what content you post depending on the platform you’re using. Below are some of my favorite free and simple social media tools you can use to boost your online presence today!


There are 317 million active users on Twitter therefore it’s still a very active online platform that’s not to be overlooked. Did you now there are 500 million tweets per day? ( That’s a lot right? Exactly. What this means is that you have to be very active on Twitter to be seen. Twitter feed is moving so fast that it’s pretty much impossible to see all the tweets. You would have to spend every waking minute on it. And forget about posting that much manually. That’s why you need Twitter automation tools to help you out. Two of my favorite tools for Twitter are Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.


Hootsuite Dashboard

Hootsuite is a great social media tool for scheduling. You can connect up to 3 different social media accounts for free. If you need to connect more accounts you’ll need to upgrade to their paid Pro version. Right now the social media platforms you can add to Hootsuite are: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress and YouTube. This platform is really easy to use once you have a look around and try a few things. Then it really becomes completely automated. You can set up different view streams in your ‘Dashboard’ to use as monitoring tools to keep track of various statistics:

Monitoring Tool

  • Home (This stream shows you all the tweets of the people you follow)
  • Mentions (Here you can see whenever somebody mentions your account)
  • Likes (Here’s a list of all the tweets you have liked)
  • Retweets (In this stream you can keep an eye on all the retweets you have received)
  • Messages (See all the messages you have received – Inbox and all the messages you have sent out – Outbox)
  • My Tweets (A list of all of your tweets)
  • Scheduled (See all the tweets you have scheduled to go out later)
  • New Followers (Keep track of all your new followers here)
  • Custom Stream (You can also set up a bunch of custom streams to keep track some handy things for example: hashtags, keywords, specific phrases, urls etc.)


Scheduling Tool

Once you have the above Dashboard set up you can then proceed to using the Scheduling Tool to plan all your tweets in advance. This is a great tool and there is no maximum tweets limits, which is amazing for a free tool. Most other platforms set limits on how many posts you can schedule in advance but with Hootsuite the sky is the limit. This is especially handy when you’re planning to go on a vacation and you need to schedule posts for the entire time you’ll be away.

Analytics Tool

The free Hootsuite version gives you some basic Analytics such as your Twitter Overview which gives you your follower growth and most popular links. The other handy free analytic you can get is your click summary. is a great link shortener that you can use in Hootsuite’s Scheduler tool so you don’t end up with very long links. Did you know that people are more inclined to click on short links? This is why you should definitely be using link shortener.


Tweetdeck example


If you’re only using Twitter you might as well use their own scheduling social media tool called Tweetdeck. This is a separate platform from Twitter but you’ll only need to log into it using your Twitter credentials. Similarly to Hootsuite it comes with a Dashboard where you can set up your own streams such as: Home (Tweets of people you follow), User (Your own tweets), Scheduled (Your scheduled tweets), Notifications (Likes, Re-tweets and Follows), Likes (Tweets you’ve liked), Search (Hashtag, keyword etc.), List, Collection, Activity, Mentions, Followers+, Messages, Trending.


Facebook Publisher

Facebook Publisher

As with Twitter you can use Hootsuite to schedule your posts for Facebook. But if you only use Facebook and you have a Facebook page you can just use the scheduling tool that comes with Facebook. It’s super easy to use and all you have to do is to log in to your main Facebook account and go to your Page – Publishing Tools – Scheduled Posts – Create. Once you create your post you can schedule it to go out at a later date. There is no limit as to how many posts you can schedule in advance. One thing to keep in mind is Facebook picture sizes especially if you’re scheduling posts. If you’re writing a caption and attaching a picture keep in mind the ultimate size for the picture to display correctly is: 476 pixel (width) x 249 pixel (height).


There are many scheduling tools for Instagram including the above-mentioned Hootsuite but my favorite tool is called Planoly.


Planoly Dashboard

The reason why I love this scheduling social media tool is because it’s really visual and it allows you to plan how your feed will look in advance. Yes I know Instagram is supposed to be all about spontaneous posts but to be real many accounts esp. the really big ones plan and organize their feeds. So why shouldn’t you? Why not try to compete or at least keep up with the big guys? The free plan lets you upload 30 images per month so that’s pretty much 1 picture per day for a whole month. Another great thing about Planoly is that they do have a desktop version so you can plan your Insta feed right on your laptop. It always helps to see the pictures up close.


In the Planoly Dashboard you can easily view your Instagram posts via the different tabs such as: Unscheduled, Scheduled and All tabs.




Create a brand new grid and preview how all the posts will look like. Here you can also write all you post’s captions with relevant hashtags. What a time saver that is!


Planoly lets you search and discover new accounts based on user names and hashtags. And you get to see all of their beautiful pictures.


Here you can see your Instagram stats such as: Followers, Likes received, Comments received, your Top 5 Liked posts and your Top 5 most commented on posts. Please note that the free account limits you on how many analytics you can see so you might need to upgrade to a paid plan to see more stats.


While there are no free social media tools to schedule pins for Pinterest there are some free tools you can use to boost it. Most scheduling platforms will either offer you a free trial or a number of free pins. Once you run out of the trial you need to upgrade to a paid version.

Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Board

But if you want to boost how many people see your pins and re-pin your stuff join Pinterest Group Boards. Any group is free to join and you can easily find groups by going to Facebook and searching for either blogging groups or Pinterest groups. Once you join one of the Facebook groups (or many as it is suggested to join at least 10+) ask the owner to be added to their Pinterest Group Board.


They usually ask you to follow them and their Group Board first. And then you should send them your Pinterest user name or e-mail associated with Pinterest. Once you accept the request to join the group you’ll be able to post your pins directly to the group for all members to see. Note, you need to follow the group guidelines on what to post and how many posts you’re allowed to pin to the group per day. And voila, many other people who wouldn’t otherwise stumble upon your pins will now be able to view your pins.

Tailwind Tribes


Another option is to sign up for Tailwind Tribes. This is a free service offered by Tailwind. Once you join a tribe you’d be able to post your pins for free. All the members will be able to see your pins. The only downside is if you want to re-pin anything from the Tribe you will need to use Tailwind’s Scheduling Tool. And as mentioned above you only get the first 100 pins for free. After that, you’ll need to pay to use the Scheduling Tool. Check out this helpful post ( about why it’s a good idea to join Tailwind Tribes.

So I really hope you find the above tips helpful. There are so many free social media tools available out there. This is just a fraction of what’s out there. I believe these tools can do wonders for you. When you’re ready to take things to the next level you’ can always upgrade to a paid version.

Thank you Kasia for Guest blogging with us!



Kasia Mikolajczak is a savvy Digital Media Strategist and the Owner, Content

Creator and Webmaster of The Savvy Dreamer (, a healthy lifestyle blog where she shares her social media/blogging and lifestyle tips, recipes, travel, fashion and beauty picks.

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How to get past writer's blocks?

What is writer’s blocks ? 

I’m getting this very often now. I’m just writing & writing and boom! My mind goes blank and i can’t seem to think. It’s like no matter how much I force my brain to get me some ideas, it refuses to cooperate. 

The first time i got this blockage, i panicked. What was happening? I need to get this article done! This isn’t the right time to have a writer’s block.. 

Yeah.. it kinda sucks. But, it’s normal. 

I realized that it’s when I concentrate for very long time that I get this block in my mind. 

And, I figured out ways to get past this 🙂 

  • Don’t get frustrated 


Yeah, you’re bound to get frustrated inside knowing that you just cannot write. Where are all the ideas? The creativity? Why are not the words flowing?
But, seriously.. calm down since frustration isn’t gonna help here!

  • Get out from your screen


We spent most of our time in front of screens and this is so bad.. The moment you realise that your brain has stopped working, get out from the screen. Look somewhere else. Look outside. Just put your eyes away from your Mac!

  • Take a walk in nature 


When does your creativity flow more? Nature plays a big role in inspiring us, writers 🙂
The silence, calmness and stillness always help to clear out the mind and bring out new ideas.
So, go take

  • Write your ideas down 


You know words & creativity can hit us anytime; in the bus, at work, bathroom, on a freaking date! Writers can relate to that.
Jot down each time you get something in your head!
Journal! Write!
This will help with your writer’s blocks 😉

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