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I have a secret …

I don’t care if you like me or not.

Insatiable lust for power and control runs thick in my veins. My father served as president of the United States of America—and his father before him. Montgomeries are born to lead and rule, to fear nothing and cower to no one, to make allegiances not friends.

But I digress.

With a senate campaign about to launch and presidential aspirations at fever pitch intensity, imagine my dismay when my strategist tells me I need to “settle down” with a “nice girl” in order to appeal to my constituents.

Enter Rowan Aldridge, a head-turning stunner with a charm school walk, Jackie O. refinement, and a well-connected family.

She’s perfect.

So I’ll do what I have to do, make her believe what I need her to believe, and as soon as the campaign’s over and I’ve secured my senatorial seat, I’ll release my pretty little butterfly back into the wild.

But this isn’t about all of that.

This is what happens a villain falls in love.


“Do you want me to stay?” she asks, peering up at me through dark lashes.
“What kind of question is that?” I shake my head, eyes narrowing. “More than anything, Rowan. I’d give anything for you to stay, for us to be together.”
I kiss her sweet lips, and I’m bathed in a strange warmth, an electric sensation unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. And for the first time, my words aren’t bullshit and lies.
I want her to stay.
I want her to choose me.


Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author Winter Renshaw is a bona fide daydream believer. She lives somewhere in the middle of the USA and can rarely be seen without her trusty Mead notebook and ultra portable laptop. When she’s not writing, she’s living the American dream with her husband, three kids, and the laziest puggle this side of the Mississippi.


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Cats & Dogs – Part 1 By: Jess Molly Brown

Title: Cats & Dogs – Part 1
By: Jess Molly Brown
Publication Date: October 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Young veterinarian Nathan Brooks spent every childhood summer with his neighbor’s granddaughter Julia Hart. As a small boy, he’d been impressed by her attack on him with a plastic bat after his border collie attempted to eat her kitten. He knew he’d marry her someday. Childish spats evolved into something sweeter until suddenly, cats and dogs didn’t seem so incompatible.

But Nathan’s mother succumbed to cancer and his father and brother took solace in addiction. For Nathan, golden days grew few, and far between. Cast out of his home, Nathan had to make his own way in the world. For the first year, he managed to keep everything together. The year after that, his life fell apart and he left behind the only girl who ever mattered.

Three years after Nathan left her, Julia Hart is living in her grandmother’s house next door. Nathan has returned home to open his own practice.

They have a lot of unfinished business.

Evidently, neither has been able to move on. But what can he offer her? They haven’t spoken since the day he walked out with no explanation, and Julia’s not about to let bygones be bygones. Not after she’s spent three years shoring up the walls around her broken heart. Besides, he’s not exactly convinced he’s the best bet.

But fate has a way of knocking down walls when it gets good and ready. Even if Julia and Nathan are not.

This is the first of two novellas containing animal antics and a second chance romance. Partial proceeds will be donated by the author to children’s cancer charities.

Don’t be fooled by the seeming tranquility, Jess is scheming. There are a lot of characters in her head and all of them want out.

A best-selling author, she edits for professional authors and is always tutoring somebody. She got her start ten years ago, in Twilight fan fiction, and is proud of it.

Four great kids, one husband *coughbiggestkidofallcough* and two dogs ensure that the house is always messy. The garden’s overflowing with blooms, but weedy. The grass always needs cutting, provided it’s not buried beneath snow. She lives in Canada, eh? The dogs are walked, the kids get fed, the hubbs hasn’t killed anybody yet, the books Jess reads she reviews, and somehow, the people in her head manage to make it into stories. Occasionally, she embarrasses her kids by doing Zumba in front of their friends. It’s just how she rolls.

Come join her quest for world domination at http://www.jessmollybrownauthor.com


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Billionaire Games Series #2 By: Kenya Wright

  Title: Theirs To Crave
Series: Billionaire Games Series #2
By: Kenya Wright
Publication Date: August 7, 2017
Genre: Erotic Romance

No billionaire is alike. Some are cruel, others twisted. There are even a few that drip with sex, yet love to break a woman’s heart. Dawn has had her fair share of billionaires, but it seems they haven’t finished with her just yet.

When she met brothers, Max and Freddy, she played their game for a while and finished it stronger than when she started. Now there’s a new game threatening to consume her, and even more players begging for a taste. Dawn can’t run from these men anymore. It’s time to deal with them one by one, and decide if she’s truly theirs to crave.

Amazon UK – https://goo.gl/CeAg2V
Amazon CA – https://goo.gl/zDV3kT


Theirs To Play – Billionaire Games #1
Amazon UK – https://goo.gl/hbDdPh
Amazon CA – https://goo.gl/9UMyu5

Kenya Wright wrote her first novel during her third year at UM Law school. She dropped out a month after the release and never looked back.

Words are power,
and Kenya wants to be the greatest wizard that ever lived.

It’s an audacity to inspire
and teach the healing of love through arousal.

It’s this crazy idea that love
can not only help a reader escape,
but the story can also teach the person
about being human,
while making them laugh,
and hot for more sex.

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Harry The Happy Mouse by Nathan G.K

This is our first author interview for children’s books!

We actually loved the way Nathan brought magic to the story of Harry The Happy Mouse!


About Nathan


N.G.K. is the bestselling children’s picture book author whose first book ‘Harry The Happy Mouse’ has featured on the Amazon bestseller lists in Paperback and eBook. N.G.K. has worked with Janelle Dimmett to produce what has been called “a future classic”. Used in schools across the world, Harry The Happy Mouse promotes ‘Pay It Forward’, teaching children about kindness.

The Latest Book! 


The new Harry The Happy Mouse book is called Harry’s Spooky Surprise and is free on Kindle and iBooks!

Harry’s Spooky Surprise is set around Halloween. Harry needs to visit his friends at night time to collect items from them for a very special reason! Harry learns that there is no reason to be afraid of the dark, and the importance of saying ‘Thank You!’.

Harry The Happy Mouse (Book 1 in the series) is an Amazon #1 bestseller, teaching children the value of kindness. Harry The Christmas Mouse (Book 2), which was a #1 bestseller in both the UK and USA, teaches children the value of team work.


The Interview! 

How long did it take to write the first book of Harry The Happy Mouse?

I had the first book swimming around my head for quite a while, so when I actually sat down to write the book I actually finished it in just over a day! I then made small changes for about another month. The illustrations then took about six months to complete.

What inspired you to start writing a children’s book?

I’ve always been interested in writing, and love children’s picture books. I now have children of my own and thought it would be nice to write a book for them.

I also give as much content away for free, as I think it’s important that children have success to books. All three books are free on Kindle and iBooks, and there is lots of other stuff free on our webpage: www.harrythehappymouse.com/free

How is the journey of a writer?

I usually start with the basic outline of a story, then start to fill in the detail. I always explain it as a track I’m walking along, and the books I’m currently working on are signposts along that track. The ones that are closest, I can see all of the detail, all of the imaginary, know everything about that one.

I’ll then have a signpost that is in the medium distance, I might know what it’s called and some of the basic story ideas. Then there are distant signposts, which I will not get to until I’ve walked past the closest ones. It helps me plan what I’m thinking about.

What is your favorite motivational phrase?

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

Who is your favorite writer or idol?

I have to be honest, I’m very late to discover the Harry Potter books! They are simply amazing.

What is your favorite movie?

I’m quite a big Star Wars fan, I’ve liked it since I was very young.

Something that you love other than reading and writing?

I’ve always loved space, and the discovery of our universe. I’m actually working on a space book right now. It’s going to be a children’s picture book about space.

Did you expect so many of positive reviews on your books?

I couldn’t ever imagine the response for Harry The Happy Mouse, and the fact that the book has gone to number one in the UK, USA and Australia. Amazing! I love the reviews, it’s so wonderful to hear, and I still find it hard to believe that my book is in so many households around the world.

You have another book coming up soon. Something you want our readers to know about it?

The new book is the third book in the Harry The Happy Mouse series, and is set around Halloween. As with the other books, there’s hopefully a great moral to the story.

Something you would say to aspiring writers who are just at the beginning?

Make sure you are happy with everything you produce, stick to your vision, and concentrate on getting your work out there. You could write the greatest book ever written, but you still need people to read it.

We gave the book 5-stars!

5 Stars
“Love the book – sweet, funny and rhyming poems!” 

– The Elysian Geek

Your kids won’t be disappointed at all 🙂

Where you can keep in touch with Harry The Happy Mouse?

Website: www.harrythehappymouse.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ngkmedia/

Twitter: @harryhappymouse

Link to Amazon/Goodreads: www.harrythehappymouse.com/buy






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