Mondays and Fridays !
Or.. should I say the FALSE concept of Mondays & Fridays?

As much as this stock photo is cute & will attract a great deal of followers to my Instagram account – it is still a false concept created by the society.

Let me tell you all a little story which happened years ago. I was in college and it was a Monday! I loved going to college everyday ~ because, of my friends of course – not the textbooks!
I remember, running to catch the bus as I had to meet my friends at “lagar Curepipe”so that we could all reach the school at the same time.
My neighbor, let’s call him ‘Jerry’ was also running by my side to catch the same bus, except he needed that bus to get to work in time.
We eventually caught the bus and the first thing that came out of his mouth as he sat down was :-
El Palmar “F*ck, I hate Mondays!”

Man, I was 15 at that time, loving Mondays because it was the first day of the week when I get to meet my friends – also, I loved my high school , so YAY !
And, that’s when Jerry said :-
“Enjoy it! It’s not gonna last. You’ll start hating Mondays and loving Fridays as soon as you start working. For now, you are too young to understand.”

Jerry left me perplexed. I did not want to ever hate Mondays. We only have 7 days a week. Why can’t we love every single day?

The main reason almost everyone dislikes Mondays and really loves Fridays is just because they hate their job. As simple as that.
If you really love what you were doing, every single day would be the same ~ doing more of what you love !
So, stop blaming poor Monday & be honest about why you hate it so much.
And, willingly DO something about it!

Now, I do understand that some people are helpless and cannot change their jobs. If you cannot fix the problem, then change your attitude around it. Make it more bearable.

Change your mindset. Change your life.

Speaking of mindset, I believe there is a percentage of humans who do not really hate Mondays ; they just think that they hate it.

Why, you asked?
Simply because they are surrounded by people who hate it. Your entourage and your tribe have a big effect on you. If your besties really love Fridays, weekends then the moment, Mondays come again – they will definitely complain about it. And, you will join forces with them in complaining and posting images like this on social media:


Though this image will get many likes and audience engagement, this is not how we going to make the world a better place for our kids. This article and topic may seem petty and without importance. But, a simple act can really make a difference.

This concept is man-made. It was probably created by someone who really hated waking up on Monday mornings to go to work. And, now the whole society has reinforced that belief in almost everyone’s mind. It is so easy to blame and complain about Mondays than to actually deal with why you are feeling that way.

But, then why follow the crowd?

If you do not want to change your beliefs about Mondays -so be it! Totally respect that ! But, unconsciously you are inculcating this belief in our young generation too – in our children.

Why would you want your children to dread Mondays like you? You would want them to stay happy 24/7 right? And, not just 6 days per week !

I don’t know about you but – I’d rather have a post of #MondayMotivation rather than #HateMonday
So go #TeamMonday and hats off to those people who took the courage and decided to live differently from the society.

We know you. We recognise you. And, we're proud of you!

2 thoughts on “The Concept of Mondays & Fridays”

  1. This is so true. If you don’t love your job, you’ll fall into that Monday hate trap. The worst thing though is, in some cases, you love your job during your first few months and Mondays don’t seem so bad, but you gradually start getting tired of that job and you start hating Mondays again (seems to always happen to me!). Maybe I have to keep searching…

  2. I just realised that people and the internet made me hate Mondays. Yes, we are a going to have bad days, but no matter what day it is, it has to be purposeful ^_^ #teammonday

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