Chamarel – a magnificent village found on the Western Coast of our beautiful island Mauritius. So much has changed since I last visited it and hence, it was time to drop by and explore the uncommon.
When we say Chamarel, the first thing which pops into our head is that of our natural phenomenon ~ the famous 7 Coloured Earth.
And, that’s where we headed for The São Tomé Geopark

We reached Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth early morning so as to better contemplate the tallest waterfall in Mauritius.
The word WOW” did come out of our mouths!

A splash of wonder

Numerous birds chirping and flying around the sparkling water which was running straight into the river at high speed. It was a pleasure to my eyes to just stand there for minutes and admire this mesmerizing scenery. 

I was already in filled in wonder right from the beginning of our trip.

We made our way towards the Geopark ~ the most intriguing attraction of this trip.

The 7 Coloured Earths

As referred to the Unique Rainbow-hued Spectacle , it holds the colours of Red, Brown, Violet, Green, Blue, Purple and Yellow. You are filled with astonishment with this unusual phenomenon in our country.

It is a MUST-SEE when you visit Chamarel!

The coffee shop was in full Island Life Spirit ! The staffs were friendly and even advised us on their best menus that they have currently!
Just sitting there in utmost tranquility and gazing to this spectacular view made my day!

cenforce 150mg australia Definitely a happy café experience…

And, of course! You cannot NOT take amazing pictures there!

Awestruck with this picturesque

Don’t forget to get yourself a little something as souvenir.
I love how the Souvenir Shop has various local products!

Geology and Ecology are the two-words which defines this iconic attraction.

Live Your Life in Colours with Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth

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  1. Beautiful scenery. I’ve never heard of chanarel before until this article. It looks amazing. Definitely on my travel bucket list ✨

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