is it legal to buy prednisone online buy gabapentin 100mg uk This post is not intended to hurt anyone’s views about the society. We respect your opinions, your mindset and your way of living. But, we have a different view about the society and someone has to speak up. Any racial, discrimination and negative comments will not be tolerated on this website. 

Spread Love Sometimes, I feel suffocated within the society that we live in.
The rules and contexts of the society, I just don’t get it.

But, the society is made up with people. And, if people don’t change, then how can the society change?

It hurts to see that some people are still polluting the environment, our rivers and seas. We are in 2018 where climate change is already happening and, nobody gives a fuck.
I just read an article where a whale died because she had eaten too many plastics in the sea, thus had no space for real food.

How do we explain the below picture?

planet or plastic

This is a shame on humanity…

Seriously, we are in 2018 and some people still do not use their fucking dustbin!
How can we let our children breathe a polluted air? How can we accept this?
We shouldn’t..

LGBT Pride.. Love is Love..

I saw so many hatred against this community. It hurts to see that there is more hate than love and compassion in our society. Why should someone be afraid to love or be whoever he wants to be?
Love is pure. It is a soul connection.
And, no I’m not gay. But, I believe in love and that someone should be able to live freely in this world.

LGBT Pride

On this note, please go and watch Love, Simon.

You know what’s worst?
That people are willing to throw hate on love but, they remain silent against corruption or poverty or environment.

Wake the fuck up people!

There are much more important things and wrong beliefs in this society that need to be changed.

There is so much of negativity and judgement on social media. Meaningless stuffs are being given importance. And the real stuffs? Neglected. Discarded. Forgotten.
Or, maybe the truth is too much for those people. They cannot handle the truth.

Right from birth, we are taught what to think and not how to think.

I salute those people who keeps on spreading love, peace and the truth across social media even when no one is listening. 
The world need more people like this.  

One thought on “Spread Love”

  1. The society we live in is upsetting for the most part. What should be valued is never valued and the things that don’t matter in reality gets so much attention. People don’t know where to put their energy.

    Even educated people don’t use dustbin. And then they blame the government for not paying attention, because blaming is so much easier than doing. Well, government can do a lot, but what’s the point when we are not doing what we’re supposed to do.

    Earth will be consumed by all the hate that it carries in various forms.

    We need more love.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

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