Another Crossover from the CW heroes 🙂

Alanya I always love the crossovers and this one really amazed me!
With Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and the Legends , the crossover had some pretty awesome moments.

Barry and Iris’s Wedding


As much as I dislike Iris, I equally love Barry more.. We love hearing Supergirl singing “running home to you” during the wedding. And, Oliver finally being ready to commit to Felicity!

The mysterious girl at the Wedding

We all wondered who was that girl, being so happy to be at the Flash’s wedding?!

Some might say that she is the daughter of Barry and Iris, from the future. If this is the case, then we might see her again in future seasons of Flash.

Nazis and doppelgangers to attack


It was expected that the wedding wouldn’t go on smoothly but, Nazis and doppelgangers? It was creative to have a Dark Arrow and Overgirl and of course, Reverse Flash working with them.
I have to admit that was unexpected! Perfect timing to attack just when they were going to say “I DO”

We saw Tommy


I liked that Tommy got to be back for a few minutes on the show. Introducing some emotional moments for Oliver to soften him.
I wished they brought Roy Harper too..

Captain Cold was present


Our favorite, Michael Scofield aka Captain Cold was here on Earth-X!
And, he was gay – he got to play his real self. We all know Wentworth Miller’s Story about how he struggled to open up.
And, getting to play who he really is, this is huge.
I would say hats off to the writers for this one!

A new metahuman – Ray


Captain Cold is in love with Ray – a new metahuman from Earth -1.

Evil Supergirl is terrific


Is it just me or evil supergirl is really hot?!

The death of Professor Stein


“You once told be that I was like your father, and I said you were my son,” Stein says. “How could a father do anything less?”

The Weddings


Barry finally gets married to the love of his life..
And, those two.. Oliver and Felicity, they just had to jump in and get married too 🙂

If you are a DC Comics fan like me, share what you liked/hated most about the Crossover!

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