can you buy Latuda online reddit I know I am a bit late to talk about the Maze Runner as the movie came out in 2014 & 2015.
But, it’s only today that I watched it… I don’t know why – maybe because of the reviews & comments, they didn’t intrigued me to watch the Maze Runner.
Today, well I had no movie to watch & I wanted to watch a sci-fi film, so I said why not give it a try…Am gonna watch only 20-30 mins just to kill time since it’s not a good one.
But, boy!

Seriously, I freaking loved that movie!


Well,  you all know what kept me going in the movie:

Dylan O’brien!!!


Who would have thought that Stiles would have become so hot?

And, Newt!


Thomas Brodie- Sangster… I never knew he was 26 years old, he looks young.
I remember reading that article where he was asked to present his ID to a pub because he didn’t look his age.
I can totally relate to that as I also look very young than my age.
But, hey looking younger is a gift! 🙂

Back to the movies, I loved the guys, the thriller, the suspense.. I love thriller & sci-fi movies. I guess this is the reason why I loved Maze Runner.

I would give it a 4.3  all-stars!
Awaiting for the third movie release!


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