I spent my whole Saturday watching Stranger Things – yep, the whole season – yes, the entire eight episodes. 

Lurasidone no prescription Stranger Things & The Night of was on my list, but I had so many tv shows to complete. I couldn’t fit in those two.
And yesterday, I was going to watch the first episode of each one.
Up we go, First Episode of Stranger Things.. What I said – “One episode of Stranger Things, then, one episode of The Night of, then maybe I will watch Mr Robot or Blindspot.”

After the First episode , I was like, “Shit, who took Will? I need to know!!!”
And, of I went on & on. I think I left the couch only to go find food. And, to pee.


Seriously guys, if you haven’t watched this one – YOU NEED TO!!!
Netflix, you never fail to amaze me!!!

The thrilling, the suspense, the story – I have no words. Amazingly done.

And those Kids?

I have become a fan of them!



I am not really a fan of Horror/Thriller series. My only thriller serie was Wayward Pines, which disappointed me in season 2.
But, this one got me on the hooked!

Very intelligent thriller!

It keeps you wow, it keeps you wanting to know what will happen next; and, the suspense freaking awesome!

http://czechinthekitchen.com/2013/12/25/srnci-hrbety-reindeer-ribs/?shared=email Awaiting for Season 2 Netflix!!!

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