The mentality of the society is fucked up with shit…

buy Neurontin australia Yes, the society that I live in consists of small-minded people with bullshit rules.

So here I am, at my uncle’s funeral…there were my closed-families, distant ones, other people what I don’t know.
And, I’m sitting here, thinking in grief..when, people start to approach me.

” I haven’t met my relatives since the new year. Yes, we meet only once a year as a courtesy. Because they feel uncomfortable to show up at my parents’ home since well, it’s a small house with no car on the lawn. We were not included in the circle.
“The Circle”….
“Oh, we can’t invite you since you don’t have a car to come…”

But, if there were something to be done, like helping; they would always called.
And.. my parents always helped. Always.

buy modafinil in turkey I hated their mentality. I always hated that mentality. 

But, I just could never said it aloud. Out of respect. Or out of fear of being rejected.
They would never shared or talked about themselves , and if by mistake, you’d asked ; you would be categorised as a very rude person.
They were always asking questions about my life, my brother’s life, trying to know what’s happening in our home to then gossip about it.
And, I always responded to it. I felt bad about myself. They made me feel bad about myself.
But, I accepted.
What if I confronted them & they reject me? So, I kept quiet for years.

Until…that day : My uncle’s funeral. 

And, the questions start pouring out:
“what are you doing with your life?”
“i heard you finished university, so why are you not working yet?”
“you should join any company you get, why are you not doing that?”
“what you didn’t pass well at university, that’ why no job? My girl has already a job”

It goes on..and on… and, I’m sitting here, listening but not responding..
They called my mum & start bombarding her with questions about my life.

To be Frank, I’m not someone who likes to brag about her achievements.
I know what I have achieved in my life till now.
I have passed my degree with an “A” in my thesis.
I launched my blog & today the blog has more than 100 subscribers, is being associated with international platforms, kindle best selling authors.
I’ve been on 7 cups of Tea to help people in my free time, leading to me publishing an e-book on the “7 Keys of Happiness”.
Todd Carey is my follower!!!
I’ve been approached by international platforms to contribute to their blog/website.
More importantly, I’ve made myself become strong in the mind & I’ve stop settling for less than I deserve!

But, I wasn’t going to say that to those people.
I’ve learnt that you don’t need to prove to anybody your worth.
The right people won’t ask you for your worth.

It was Now or Never.

I stood up, and walked on them. On everybody.
And, as I made my way out, I heard “she’s very rude..what’s wrong with her?…maybe she’s ashamed..”
But, the voices dissipated as vapor as I realised that I have finally grown up to NOT TAKE ANY SHIT from anyone.
I didn’t deserve that. I didn’t deserved to sit there & listen just because they were acquaintances or out of respect.

Listen to me;
No one has the right to make you feel less.
We are all amazing in our own way.
You deserve every happiness in this world.
You don’t have to stand here & listen to shits!
Know your worth, I know your worth, you know yours & that’s enough.

Let them talk behind you, let them judge…
order neurontin overnight You need to just do what makes you happy! Do what you Love.. If something doesn’t make you happy, don’t FUCKING do it.

“How DARE you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable” ~ Seth Godin

One thought on “The Day I realised my Growth”

  1. Just give then the name of your blog and tell them to read how amazing u r ? people are always busy and curious to know about others life rather than their life. Its better to walk off rather than replying them.let them take this attitude as they want. If you cant appreciate something dont disgrace it .btw their plan wasnt to attend the funeral, they came to that place just to know whats happng in others life. Disguting people

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