Engagement Rate

What is engagement rate?

“Engagement rate is a metric that is used heavily in analyzing social media” – TrackMaven.
For SocialBakers, it is a metric you can count on.

Engagement rate is a measurement to know how your audience are engaging with your company & brand, by referring to likes, comments, shares, tweets and others.

And, it’s important to measure your engagement rate to know where you stands & if there is the need to improve on any marketing strategy.
How do we calculate engagement rate?

  • Facebook 


We already have an option to see the engagement rate on Facebook itself.
Insights > Posts > All Post Published > Click the Dropdown Menu of Post Clicks/Reactions, Comments & Shares > Select Engagement Rate

We can calculate it :

Engagement Rate = Total Engagement (Likes + Comments + Shares)  / Total Fans


  • Twitter 


Engagement Rate = [Number of Replies + Number of Retweets] / Number of Followers

  • Instagram



Engagement Rate = [Likes + Comments] / Followers (at the time of the post)

There are other ways where you can get your analytics & engagement rate using free social media analytics tools from sites such as Simplymeasured.com.

Here’s the link:


Followerwonk is a Moz application which helps you to dig deeper in your Twitter analysis:


Have fun with those tools! 🙂


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  1. Useful post ! It’s quite hard to engage, we’re struggling a bit with my boyfriend on our blog, specially to engage people from our niche. But we’re active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for that (Soon Pinterest as well). But most of it, we also do it out of passion and for ourselves. But those tools will be handy, thank you !

  2. This is excellent information. I only use facebook (I’ve been blogging for about 10 weeks). I had no idea so much data was available through those drop down menus. I actually hadn’t even noticed the drop down menus! Thank you.

  3. The longer I do blogging the more I realize how important it is to have such tools like you mentioned on this post. I’d like to boost the engagement of my blog, so really I appreciate your information.

  4. I have to admit that these terms are new to me . Im quite new with social media , and I rarely understand anything about . Other than the share your experience concept . Thank you for enlighten me

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