Silence and Love

Silence and Love

Love? The four-letter word which has the greatest meaning of life.
The society had taught us that love is that feeling between two people. There are so many quotes, wordings on love.
But, love goes beyond that.
Like, right now at this moment, I am feeling a surge of love for every living beings on this planet and everything in this universe.
For myself, for people, for the plants, for the animals, for nature and for the stars.
People reading this might think that I’m in love with someone; the reason why I’m writing about love.
Yes, I’m in love.
I’m in love with myself.
I’m in love with everything and anything.

Love goes beyond attachment, jealousy or the feeling of always wanting to be with someone.
We have been taught that loving ourselves is “selfish”. I strongly disagree.
The greatest love you can ever have is with yourself. It’s only when you’re full of love that you can give to others.

Look around you..
People hurt each other. They give out pain and toxic vibes. It’s only because they are not in love with themselves.
Because when you love yourself, you know that love is everything ❤️
You start feeling love with everyone and everything. It’s a deep connection.
Even when you don’t know that person, all you wanna give out is smile and love.


Like Rumi said –
“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

When you love from the soul, you never stop loving. Hate becomes a meaningless word – Neha 

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It takes a lot to wish love, kindness & happiness to the people who’ve hurt you. But, do it with a smile. There is no power in hate. Love is everything 🙌🏻

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10 Technical SEO Terms for Bloggers Explained


I’m going start this post by saying it’s a total pleasure to guest post for The Elysian Geek.  A big thank you for affording me this opportunity.  My usual shtick over at my humble virtual abode, is delivering content about blogging and social media tips.  I’d like to stick with this theme.  Today I will be dissecting 10 Technical SEO terms for Bloggers.

A lot of the time these SEO terms can feel extremely over facing and complicated at first glance.  I know when I initially started researching all things SEO for work, I was VERY confused.  Every course I completed, or article I read about SEO, consistently had these weird terms with no explanation attached to them.  I was constantly having to leave what I was reading or studying to look up meanings elsewhere.

It was frustrating as heck! 

This is the kind of post that I wish I had to hand at the start of my journey.  So, I’m hoping this list will help you along yours!

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